THE MAJOR GENERAL The old site has gone from its original location but can be found here The Major General  Site is devoted to colonial warfare, it is very inspiring.  Not to be missed.

Grimsby Wargames Club site full of scenarios and eye candy

Bongolesia - another size I don't use but the background is excellent and the games exciting.  An inspirational piece of work for Africa!

The Steam and the Flame for a different view of Victorian period warfare.

Small Wars  a wargaming site for the colonial campaigns of the European powers and the USA mainly, but not exclusively in the 19th Century.

The Red Shadow site is all about the French Foreign Legion in North Africa.  It features several inspiring games.

Warflag is a site that has flags for your model soldiers in a variety of periods.  These are free to download. 

kwaAndy  has a lot of interesting information on many wars of the Colonial period with some excellent listings of VC's won in the Indian Mutiny amongst other things.

Bob Cordery's Colonial page has an absolute wealth of information on artillery, ships, and, well, everything.  Don't miss it.

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Expanded Polystyrene Supplies is a supplier based in the South East UK. They sell custom cuts and pre-cut shapes alike. Their products and surface textures could well be of interest to wargamers looking to create realistic and/or portable playing surfaces.  More information here

EUREKA Miniatures is a manufacturer of the interesting and unusual.  They have a splendid innovation in the form of the 100 Club.  Basically you, your friends, club, web colleagues or whatever order 100 of a particular figure or model and it will be made for you.  The sale price is the same as for a regular figure.  I have some - they are very, very good.  Well Worth a Visit!  The postal service is very good 7 to 10 days from Australia to UK.

The Foundry make a wide range of models.  They are currently putting them into blister packs and some ranges are almost impossible to get hold of.  The packs are quite expensive but the figures are of a high quality.  Watch out for reduced price offers on this site and in Wargames Illustrated Magazine.

Mark Copplestone who designed the Darkest Africa figures for Foundry as well as other ranges has his own figure company manufacturing Future Wars and (soon) Colonials.  Superb figures as always!

The Perry Twins have also set up their own company and their first listings are shown on this unofficial site.  Currently they do Brunswick (1815) Napoleonics and English Civil War figures.

Bob Murch of Pulp Figures has produced a fine range of figures for adventures set in the Pulp era.  The site also has free rules called "Rugged Adventures".


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