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NEW 24 Jul 2012 - Fantasy Samurai - Jedon

23 Jul 2023 FANTASY ARMIES - my fantasy armies are being renovated and grouped together here 

19 Jan 2023 More Romans

8 Nov 2022 Ladies of Aksheba

27 Oct 2022 Holiphaunt

20 Sep 2022 more Aksheba

29 Aug 2022 Aksheba

22 June 2022 - After a long break we are back with the long delayed conclusion.  QUEEN INDRANA REIGNS SUPREME IN BELMAIN   The battle of Folga   Also all battles now have the charaacters' accounts added so you can read eye witness reports and views.

26 May 2022 Roman transport and Artillery - Roman marines

4 May 2022 Romans Numidians

11 Feb 2022 Camel patrol

8 Feb 2022 Roman Miles Fabrum

6 Feb 2022 Romans - praetorians etc

30 Jan 2022 Goblins on Raptors and Dwarf Auxiliaries

4 Dec 2021 New style Uruk Hai

13 Nov 2021Tolkien Half Trolls

13 Sep 2021 More Romans and Vishnaya completed

4 Aug 2021  Cu Sith & Harii And Frostgrave Cultists converted for the Zone (Zona Alfa)

1 Jul 2022 orcs in human gear, elves, Generic Human Forces

7 Jul & 27 Jul 2021 Me as Legate

20 May 2021 Roman Capsarii

07 February 2021- some Zona Alfa games played on ZOOM - The Research Station and A Visit to the Oraks Factory

15 January 2021 - Zona Alfa (3 games)  A walk through Tiddybar Woods  and The Crossroads  and Zona Alfa Intro and Terrain 

18 December 2020 - Christmas Game in the Exclusion Zone ZONA SANTA - a Christmas Game

17 October 2020 - Meet my McDonalds version of the Flintstones The Modern Stoneage Village of Slatestone

12 August 2020 - No games but new projects and old figures renovated

Fantasy Armies renovated  and Undead and Chaos

22 May 2020 An old army repurposed and renovated Vishnaya (Fantasy Indian)

28 April 2020 - 2 games from before lockdown The Siege of Shid, The Battle of Onin Bridge

23 March 2020 - COVID-19 Lockdown and restrictions

1 April 2020: The Belmainian Civil War continues:The Battle of Antilo, Assault on Sigis Hold, The Siege of Shone

07 March - History of Belmain, The Belmanian Civil War, Naval Battle at Bilia, The Coronation

02 February 2020 - The Celts!

28 December 2019 - The Romans!

11 September 2019 - after a long pause Lord Elpus photos added

18 April 2019 - Fall of Britannia - more Romano British and the Battle of the Sacred Red Thorn

24 February 2019 - Fall of Britannia pages added - Romano British, Saxon Warbands, Civilians and light troops, and Dark Age Village

24 February 2019 - Some 28mm British and Germans for Late WW2 Bolt Action Games

14 February 2019 - New Project "Fall of Britannia" (Arthurian Britain) - Generic Dark Age Village

9 December 2018 - Some Terrain - The Angel Pool, the Temple of the Horned God (Ruin), The Lair of the Snakemen and the Pharaoh's Bathing Pool

28 November 2018 - The god Pan and his satyrs added to Greek mythology and the Argonauts section

5 October 2018 - From cock up to a cheap African Militia Unit

29 September - Rescue in the Dedburgh Suburbs another Zombie adventure (actually played in August)

16 September - the introduction to our Romans and Celts

7 September 2018 - Amazons In the Greek Mythology section

18 August 2018 - Just when Graf Silth thinks it is safe he is faced by an army of wolves and wolf riders.  Beevil, at last, gets his comeuppance at On to Wolf Glade and  Lady Ceiling's Journal Part 9

20 July 2018 - Graf Silth destroys the undead at the S-Bend and Lady Ceilings Journal Part 8

3 June 2018 - More from Dedburgh The Army Raids Riyal Badyin's Depot

4 May 2018 - Graf Silth has a dangerous Market Day at Lo-Li and Lady Ceilings Journal Part 7

 28 April - More from Dedburgh School girls and Survivors tackle hordes of Zombies And opposition for Jason of the Argonauts - King Aeetes and the forces of Colchis.

19 April 2018 - A new building for our games - The Petrol Station

17 April 2018 - Scrapheap Challenge - KampfGruppe Mullhalde joins my WW2 Germans ---- And a Wombat and Landrover for my RN Morvalonga Task Force.

11 April 2018 - Graf Silth fights his way through the Blasted wood and Lady Ceilings Journal Part 6

2 April 2018 - Zombie Apocalypse Police Rescue Suvivors and SAS find Granny

1 April 2018 - Happy Birthday RAF - Flying Creatures added to Greek Mythology

31 March 2018 - Zombie Apocalypse Clear the street - Find the Survivors before the bomb explodes.

25 March 2018 - Public Participation Game for Carronade and Claymore - King Grocus Is Dead

12 March 2018 - Graf Silth meets strange foes at the Butterfly Glade and Lady Ceilings Journal Part 5

23 February 2018 - A Battlegroup from Monteria makes ready to head off to Morvalonga

8 February 2018 - Graf Silth in action at Rupie Chase and Lady Ceilings Journal Part 4

19 January 2018  Greek and Other Myths and Jason and the Argonauts

04 January 2018 - Rescue and Find Fuel a Zombie game using our modified version of Akula's Rules

02 January 2018 - Rescue the Survivors from the Zombies

27 December - Allies turn the pursuers back and Graf Silth and the Demons and Lady Ceiling's Journal Part 3

12 December - Graf Silth victorious in a night action and at the Fields of the Raghi and Lady Ceiling's Journal Part 2

17 November - A new Dwarven Adventure in Morval Earth begins - Graf Silth escapes and deals with dwarf patrols and Voracious and Vicious Wolves.  Also the Journal of Lady Ceiling in which she records the detail of the quest part 1

5 November - UN troops added to Morvalonga.

15 September - THREE Fantasy Nautical Adventures - First action in the Sundering Sea, Second action and the Raid on Vendola the Pirate Stronghold

7 September 2017 - Conan the Barbarian, Adventures in an age Undreamed Of...

10 August 2017 - The Orc War Host of Orridenri - A Lord of the Rings Army based on a TV Cartoon character.

17 July 2017- a new project  England Invaded 1940 - Operation Lion de Mer

10 June 2017 - A Glorious Victory for the Royal Navy over Napoleon's allied Dutch Navy at Gushing.

21 May 2017 - Recce vehicles from toys added to my fictional Africa Morvalonga MOLAR page.  And vehicles made from poundland toys added to the Project Z page to decorate our Zombie Games.

17 February 2017 - Our Public Participation Game set in the Scottish Highlands after Cullodden - Lord Elpus on the Whisky Trail

12 Nov 2016 - The War Host of Rohan for Lord of the Rings

7 November - Characters for the Warlord Games "Project Z" game

5 November - Bikers for the Warlord Games "Project Z" game

13 October - Survivors for the Warlord Games "Project Z" game

2 October - Zombies for the Warlord Games "Project Z" game

29 August - the armies of Mordor and Gondor for Lord of the Rings

7 July - Hive Queen and Country update

17 April - Lord of the Rings - Battle at Skull Cave

20 March 2016 - A new section - Lord of the Rings - armies and games.  First up the Fighting Uruk Hai

20 February 2016 - Close up pictures of Goblin Town Terrain Pieces.

24 January 2016 - A battle in Goblin Town - Rescue Bilbo - in Games with Grandad

14 January - Two Battles in Middle Earth - First battle at the White Gate and the Second battle at the White Gate

16 November 2015 - Victorian Gothic goes to Egypt at the seaside village of Mansu Yusef

13 August 2015 - The Eternal Christmas War or The Great North Pole War between Santa Claus and Jack Frost

9 May 2015 - We played 4 games today at Carronade in Falkirk - see the gallery the next visit to Skull Island is Claymore on 1st August in Edinburgh.

17 April 2015 - Skull Mountain Download page added

18 March 2015 - Our Public Participation Game for 2015 is SKULL ISLAND.  Can you defeat KING KONG?  Can you rescue Sue Flaye?  Can you survive dinosaurs, cannibal pygmies and other terrors?  Can you fly a balloon?

27 December 2014 - Our Christmas Game - Stolen Christmas

3 December 2014 added information about a source of polystyrene shapes and sheets.  The company is Expanded Polystyrene Supplies and they will also cut shapes for you. 

 16 November 2014 Two Big Sections on my WW2 Germans:  Panzer Grenadiers and Recce and also VolksGrenadiers, VolksSturm and horse drawn artillery

26 September 2014 Binky deals with White Scar, a rogue elephant, and suffers two hangovers.  AND BIG Inch High additions in my refurbishment of my Fall of the Reich 1944-45 German forces.

 20 August 2014 Sherlock investigates the Mysterious Deaths at the Painted Lady Inn and a Walk in the Woods And a new Pulp Adventure in Egypt at the Pherivar Awai Oasis

09 May 2014  Our Public Participation Game - Hoodsville Heist (Gangsters). 

03 May 2014  A big update of the Armed Forces of the Conflict in Morvalonga - air forces, Qaza'ar, RN Task Force, generic forces and Tarzan.

27 March 2014 - Inch High Club - This year I have decided to refurbish my WW2 models.  Some of these date back to my youth when Airfix kits cost 2 shillings and show it!  Others are conversions from articles in Airfix Magazine or from photographs.  A few are fairly new kits.  British - Armour and Soft skins and Artillery and Germans - Defence of the Reich

4 January 2014 - Inch High Club - a battle between the Italians and Aqsopians at the Depot at Lake Hautanzaltih

24 November 2013 - MORVAL EARTH - Three actions - A Chivalric Rescue of Nine Damsels in Distress, Treachery in the Jungle and the Rescue of Doze Handor 

New Section added - Other Games which has links to our Public Participation and other games that do not always fit into the main categories.

21 November 2013

Our Guide Published
Available from
Caliver Books

Buy it here

17 October 2013 - Boxer Rebellion action at the Falkirk Wargames Club & Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers even commemorating 100 years of wargaming - The Tu Lung Arsenal

29 September 2013 - MORVAL EARTH action at Marjal Decaer where Dame Morgana destroys the Order of Rudolphus.

27 August 2013 - MORVALONGA pages updated: Armed Mobs and The Morvalongan Army and Insurgents and Paramilitaries and Air Forces

15 June 2013 - MORVALONGA updated: Child soldiers and Police and The Morvalongan Army and the Air Forces of Morvalonga and Qaza'ar and some more buildings.

24 May 2013 - The Battle of Riqitti Raqitti Bridge 1934 - Italians continue their invasion of the Aqsumian Empire.

3 March 2013 - THEM!  Giant ants invade the town of Morvalant in our participation game for 2013 - play or watch at Carronade, Wappinshaw and Claymore.

31 December 2012 - More forces added and updated in Morvalonga

29 December 2012 a 1960s style game set in Normandy 1944 at the Battle of Les Deux Etangs and the big new section of our fictional East African campaign set in Morvalistan in about 1940-1941.  Continuing the African theme is our setting for African Warlord Games - The Newly Independent Nation of MORVALONGA!

30 September 2012: A Lost World Safari scenario competition entry - Obnoxious Occultists On Obsidian Olympus.  Nazis, Dinosaurs, Apes and Wild Wild Women - what more could you ask? 

24 July 2012 A new light hearted section called "Games with Grandad" started.  The first action features Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy, Army Men and lots of other toys.  Go to The Isle of Sodor Invaded

23 July 2012 The Fictional East African Campaign of 1934 in Aqsopia and then the 1940 campaign in Morvalistan involving the Italians, Aqsopian Empire, the British Empire, the Kingdom of Qaza'ar and others.

23 June 2012 The Campaign in Darfur 1916 added to the Inch High club and look here to see over a THOUSAND plastic soldiers, horses, camels and guns fight it out at the Battle of Werdigo

28 April 2012 - Operations against the Mad Mullah added to the Inch High Club

4 March 2012 - No less than 12 Scenarios for Iraq 1941 added to the Inch High Club

27 December 2011 - Inch High Club Opens with Iraq 1941.  History and a guide to making the armies.  Scenarios will follow later!

2 October 2011 - Binky and the Hyena Trail Part 2 - The Waterholes

And - Napoleonic Naval using our elderly Airfix warships.

And - A new contents page

And - The Inch High Club coming soon where our 20mm, 25mm, 1/76, 1/72 and other historical games can be found.

NEW 6 September 2011- After a long wait and by public demand

BINKY'S BACK!  In a new adventure in Darkest Morvalistan

The Hyena Trail Part 1 - The Slave Market

NEW 3 September 2011 - More Terrain - Victorian Tramp Steamers, A Manor House, Rumanian Cottages.

NEW 31 August 2011 - Another massive update!  We have changed the way we update the website and so updates will now be more frequent.  Parts of the site will be gradually updated and maybe changed.  New Cases for Sherlock at the Bluekilns Wharf, The Case of the Paradys Lady, A walk in the Woods and a Murder Gone Cold as well as the Transylvanian Schloss Grausbad Affair.

24 Ocober 2010 - It has been ages since our last update but here is a bumper issue of Victorian Gothic!  Sherlock Holmes in The Bluekiln Wharf Affair, The Case of the Misled Lady and the Participation Game - the Curse of the Crackenwald in the games sections and in the terrain section - how to build a 28mm Manor House suitable for Pulp, Skirmish,  Victorian Gothic type or other role playing games.

12 December 2009 Our New Victorian Gothic Rules and two adventures not to mention two new fantasy games to delight you.

19 July 2009 a HUGE section long in the making on how to make your own TERRAIN items cheaply and simply.

18 July 2009 our Public Participation game - Pirates and the Pyramid of Peril.  Can you lead your scurvy pirate crew past dragons, traps, pygmies, zombie pirates and other perils into the heart of the pyramid and get to the hidden treasure?

17 November - THE BIG MORVAL EARTH UPDATE - 6 of our games from this year - Catena Voluptia - Voluptia Part 2 - Tax Assessor - Claux - Treachery at Rues

02 April 2008 - Completely New - WILD WEST - Broken Wheel County - Free Rules, Game Report Aquila Nuova

02 April 2008 the Game we are showing off as our Public Participation Game for 2008 - Peppercorn Settlement Election (or gunfight) - Play it at Wappinshaw, Carronade, Claymore and SKELP

02 April 2008 the last part of Binky and the Staring Skulls of Sakati

10 January 2008 - Binky crosses the swamps in search of the Staring Skulls of Sakati AND Biggles Gets the Bird in our Christmas game.

27 December 2007 - A gallery of the Battle of Hosts - over 1,600 model soldiers locked in combat!

15 June - Pictures of our trip to Egypt's Western Desert Oases.

29 May - some photos of our trip last year to Egypt.

26 May 2007 - Binky and the Aqeda Dagger reaches its stunning close.  And a near run thing it was!  Binky fights through to Mariba and Binky attacks the Mad Mullah's Lair conclude this adventure for our hero.

11 May 2007 - Gimbals Gillespie and the Lair of the Dragon - a Pulp game in Morvalonesia and The Curse of Queen Neferdidit - A Public Participation Game for 2007, see and play it at Wappinshaw in Glasgow, Carronade in Falkirk, Claymore in Edinburgh and Skelp in Forfar.

23 December 2006 - The Tax Collectors - a pulp game set in Morvalonesia and The Treasure Hunters - our Christmas Game.

2 November 2006 - The Monastery of Death - A Pulp adventure set in the Spanish Civil War.  Complete with stats for Howard Whitehouse's rule set "Astounding Tales".

1 November 2006 - Squire's Quest to the Isle of Fey - the prize winning participation game.  Complete rules, maps, photographs and a gallery with pictures of the games at Skelp & Claymore.

13 August 2006 - A Biggles Story - Biggles and the Walking Death and SPUGS - a new alien menacing foe.

12 August 2006 - A few changes to some pages and from Claymore in Edinburgh - The Squire's Quest Game and the Gallery

23 July 2006 - A New Binky Adventure.  He is dealing with a religious fanatic - Madassah Hattah.  4 new game reports.  Also a Dr Who Game Report.  AND a new Biggles page.

15 January 2006.  Binky Concludes his adventures in the lands of the White Queen with a Lion Hunt.  AND a gallery of photos from the playtesting of our Morvalonesia (Pulp meets Back of Beyond) Rules. 


13 November 2005.  Updates and new sections - Binky has two new adventures and a new game set in Morvalistan's lost Urzala Andrez valley.  If you were at SKELP or Claymore then you might have seen it.  And a new Section on Biggles.

30 April 2005. A Stargate test game added.   

3 April 2005 Not one, Not two, not even three BUT FOUR new actions added.  Two adventures in the continuing travels of Binky -

1.  Bad Day at Vulture Rock

2.  Smoke May Damage Your Health. 

3.  One new Gallery set in the Lost World of dinosaurs, cavemen and Raquel Welch lookalikes! 

4.  And finally a Dr Who game. 

14 November New page added - How to build Binky's Balloon.  Due to popular demand a page on how I made the balloons.

6 November 2004 - Binky and the Balloons - Binky flies to the rescue.  He follows up the raiders who made off with captives and cattle.

4 September 2004  - A battle for Binky at Jizuz Noesware.

23 August 2004 - I'm back after an enforced absence in Iraq.

While I've been away HORG! has been published and is available from bookshops. 

Today I've put up the Indian Mutiny Pages from my old site and the First Part of Binky's Adventures.

10 August 2003.  The SECOND novel in the Morgana Trilogy - HORG! is to released in the Spring of 2004.  And new ordering information for Volume 1.  


We no longer have any association with GAZELLE so please do not order from them.

24 March 2003 A new Binky Adventure!  Binky helps the Italians defeat and capture the dreaded "Grey Ghost" meanwhile rescuing the TREASURES OF LHEDU!  Tom Dickson's Colonial Solo Wargaming Page added to LINKS.

8 January HAPPY NEW YEAR!  New adventure and hard fought action for Binky and friends at the Pool of the Nir ZisariAnd UK WARGAMES added to the links page.

8 December 2002 MERRY CHRISTMAS - New Module for Morval Earth - Damsels in Distress the whole story!  Maps, Player info, GM info, Special Rules and the story as we play tested it.  More that 40 people have played this in public in any one of a dozen games.  

12 October 2002 - New Battle Report - Binky and the Royal RegaliaBinky and co help King Ribi N'aa to recover his ceremonial regalia from the evil slavers.  And a new Link to Geo Gibson's Techromancer's Sanctum.

5 October 2002 - Two new Battles - The latest module in Morval Earth - Can you rescue the prisoners?  AND Mars Attacks Morvalistan!

28 August 2002 - The latest adventure in Binky's quest to rescue his lost love.  He fights his way through the dreaded Gates of Anakrum.   Also games masters aids for Morval Earth.

3 August 2002 - A gallery showing some of the many players of all ages who enjoyed our public participation game.  Click here The next chance to try is at Border Reivers. 

16 June 2002 - New Section on MARS and Victorian Space begun with Terry Sofian's Bug Wars pages added.

3 June 2002 - The adventures of Binky Kingsley Crowne continue as he clears out a pirates' nest at Zomm el Ohle and attempts the rescue of damsels in distress.  A new scenario and battle report here.  Some new Links added and others updated.

25 May 2002 - "EXILED" OUT NOW - Details of how to order updated to allow for UK and international credit card orders.

13 May 2002 - Details of Glasgow launch of "EXILED!"  at the Borders Bookshop  Buchanan Street (select "Glasgow" on their site) - on 25th July at 7:00 pm Slim will be giving a talk on Wargaming, Role Playing and there will be a display of model soldiers and, maybe, a demonstration/ participation game.

11 May 2002 - LOOK OUT- Publication of "EXILED!" only 2 weeks way.  The awaited first volume of the Morgana Trilogy will be published on 28 May (all things being well). 

John Mumford, known to us all as SLIM will be in Ottakars Bookshop George Street in Edinburgh on Thursday 6 June (D-DAY) from 16:30 until 21:00.  He will autograph books and talk to enthusiasts about the story, the models and the campaign.  

DON'T MISS "EXILED!".  The cover price is only 7.95 from bookshops or 9.00 including UK postageOrder it here.  


22 March 2002- Pictures of the Cover of "EXILED" added.

26 December- Merry Christmas Scenario and rules for "All the Cattle in the World Belong to the Gaasai" The same cattle raid as below but set in Morvalistan.  Not a single firearm or white man in this game!

16 December  Scenario and rules for "The Kine Are Mine" - a cattle raid in Morval Earth 

7 October - Battle report as the redoubtable Bertram (Binky) Kingsley-Crowne cruises down the Nile.

16 September Scenario, rules and pictures for a new module - The Mission to kill the Witch Queen Bettrys. 

17 August  Scenario and Rules for the fantasy game "Retribution in Ekthalon". 

30 July 2001 Information about Claymore 2001 added here.  New links added for South East Scotland Wargames Club and Victorian Military Society.  

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