My Gallery of Original Watercolours

These paintings are mainly made in the field and are my own work.  Please respect this and do not copy them for commercial use without permission.  If you would like to commission a painting then you can e-mail me at

There are more on my Iraq Paintings page.

Otherwise just look at them and enjoy.  

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Almondell.jpg (141648 bytes)


Blenheim.jpg (186404 bytes)

Blenhem Bomber 1940

Deeside Farm.jpg (176919 bytes)

Deeside Farm

Glen Dochart.jpg (158526 bytes)

Glen Dochart

Highland Glen.jpg (186939 bytes)

Highland Glen

Hurricane Scramble.jpg (134621 bytes)

Hurricane Scramble 1940

Isle of Muck.jpg (160346 bytes)

Isle of Muck

Loch Lomond in Blue.jpg (182564 bytes)

Loch Lomond in Blue

Titanic.jpg (169396 bytes)


Winter Bridge.jpg (189016 bytes)

Winter Bridge

Linhouse Bridge.jpg (169976 bytes)

Linhouse Bridge

Isle of Mull.jpg (195096 bytes)

Isle of Mull

Midcalder Bridge for Sharron.jpg (187533 bytes)

Midcalder Bridge

River in Samburu Kenya.jpg (155569 bytes)

A river in the Samburu NP

There are more on my Iraq Paintings page.

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