On these pages lies the darker side of Victoria's Reign.  It may be organised crime, foul deeds, immoral activities or the madness of megalomaniacs and scientists that our heroes and heroines challenge.  However, there are darker powers art work behind criminality and subversion. 

It is their dabbling in evil that has brought much sadness and villainy to certain areas of the world.  One only has to mention Professor Moriaty, Dr Fu Manchu, Dr Moreau, Count Dracula, Dr Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll to see what I mean. 

Here I would remind you, dear reader, that some members of the scientific, the medical professions and even the clergy dabble in the occult and pursue arcane knowledge as do several amateurs and savants.  Some of these have released unspeakable horrors and demons upon the world.  Tales are emerging from Central Europe of werewolves and vampires while from Egypt come tales that Mummies walk abroad.  Similar tales can be heard in India, the Americas, China and other regions.


The Free Rules

Slim's Victorian Gothic Rules

How to make a manor

The Casebook

The Strange Case of the Red Painted Lady

The Case of the Missing Fan Dancer

The Bluekiln Wharf Affair

The Paradys Lady

The Schloss Grausbad Affair

The Curse of the Crackenwald

A Murder Gone Cold

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