Custom Made Scenery Boards for Wargaming and Role Playing

Recently I was made aware of a company called Expanded Polystyrene Supplies Shop4Poly which supplies all sorts of polystyrene goodies that look useful for wargames terrain. 

I had a conversation with Chris Philpot who helps manage the website and he advised me that the company will make ready cut terrain boards.  This will avoid the problem that I always find.  Getting the boards to be the same size!  Their photo gallery shows an amazing variety of items that they can produce.

Shop4Poly will be happy to accept almost any order large or small though reasonable quantities will attract better prices.  As you would expect prices will change in line with the amounts requested

Example 1:  Custom cut terrain boards - 10 of 4ft x 2ft x 25mm thick = 1.83 +VAT per board

Example 2:  Custom cut terrain boards - 50 of 4ft x 2ft x 25mm thick = 1.69 +VAT per board

Delivery is extra.

Cutting sizes are bespoke, but if there were to be standard sizes then these would ideally be 4ft x 2 ft , 4ft x 4ft , 8ft x 2 ft or 8ft x 4ft.  Or they can be cut in any size and thickness that you, the customer, would require

Craggy hills  can be cut these to customers sizes and shapes on request

Pricing would be quoted per customer request. Example 4ft x 2ft x 25mm (FRA) would be 1.83 +VAT per board.

All of their polystyrene is Flame retardant (FRA) Chris pointed out that that most cheap polystyrene on the market is non-flame retardant

They will be happy to supply any details you need mail@pabrico.co.uk ot tel 01273 612303

Disclaimer:  I have absolutely no connection at all with this company.  I have not received any financial or other incentive to post publish this information.  Prices quotes are as ay 17 November 2014.

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