Cavalier Genotech Incorporated managed to acquire, some say by nefarious means, some of the irradiated giant ants of the 1954 incident.  The events of this incident were made public in the Government information film called THEM!  Since the 60s Cavalier Genotech have been experimenting in various ways of creating genetically engineered creatures to alleviate world famine.  They have claimed many breahthroughs. 

In the 60s they set up a highly secure compound near the small farming town of Morvalant, Chickory County in the US State of Omyoh.  A somewhat prophetic name as it turned out.

What follows is a report on our game set in Morvalant when the giant ants break out of the secure compound. 

One of the groups is the Society of Extraordinary Chaps (SOEC).  These redoubtable fellows are ex-patriate Britons who have joined the SOEC for companionship and to talk over the good old days and bemoan the state of the "Old Country".


The figures are  Hasslefree and Heresy models converted to look (at least a bit) like our club players.

The ants came from Poundland.  They came in bags of 8 fluorescent toys and were sprayed with Poundland gloss black paint.


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