The games we play are loosely based on the TV version of Stargate.  We tend not to use the characters from the film or from the TV series unless it is necessary for the scenario.  In fact the only model I have is a converted figure that looks a bit like Teal'c.  Anyway, our teams are usually European in composition and sometimes multinational. 

The figures we use mainly come from conversions.  I was lucky enough to get some look-a-like figures, before they disappeared from the market, that resembled the Jaffar.  The rest are conscripts from other ranges - Copplestone's Future Wars other characters come from Celtos  or Crocodile Games or Reaper Miniatures and almost any Ancient Egyptian Range will contribute several useful figures for conversion.  Even then you do not need to limit yourself.   Almost any collection can be used.  The first game we played had tribal Africans as the local population.  Why?  Because I had them!

Just wait until the Daleks find a Stargate!

On to our First game.

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