Of gods, priests and druids

Romans, Celts and others

I have had a fascination for the Romans and Ancient Britons ever since school.  Recently our grandson became interested in the Romans in Scotland as part of a school project.  I had some boxes of 28mm plastic Romans and Celts picked up at a wargame show for a small sum.

This Project will be our usual mix of history, myth and fantasy to cover all sorts of games.

As a Father's Day gift my son drew a picture of me as a Roman Legate. 

I was so impressed that I commissioned a figure of me to lead my Romans - Alanus Argentibarbus Britunculus (loosely Alan the small white haired Briton).  And, yes, I know that Romans would be unlikely to wear a moustache but I do.

My Celtic Warlord and his wife.  But who is really in charge?

More below... Legionaries, Artillery. Celtic warriors, chariots, cavalry, priests, druids and more

The Legion

The Tribes

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