Of gods, priests and druids


It is not quite finished (but then none of my projects ever seem to get finished). The majority of the figures are Warlord games plastics and a few metal. Many are conversions with a few from other ranges and even the odd fantasy figure. The picture below shows the Legion and Auxiliaries as they were in mid 2022.  See below for close ups and updates.


For Fathers Day 2021 my sone drew a picture of me as a Roman Legate and I was impressed.

So I had a figure commissioned;

His escort the Equites Singulares

Second in Command - Tribunus Laticlavus

Third in Command - Praefectus Castrurum

The Tribunes Angusticlavi

Tribunus Rufulus

Centurio Regionalis

Equites Legionis


Primus Pilus                                Aquiifer                            Vexilifer                        Imaginifer

Cohort I

Cohort II

Cohort III

Cohort IV

Cohort V

Cohort VI

Cohort VII

Cohort VIII

Cohort IX

Cohort X

Cohort Evocati Retentum


Vigiles Militum



Legionary Medics (Capsarii) Auxiliary Medic (Capsarii)



Fabri (Engineers)


Attached Cohort of Legio VIIII

Attached Marines (Classis Britannicus)

Higher Command


His Escort - Equites Singulares Augusti

Praetorian Guard


AUXILIA - most were based on Antonine Wall

Ala II Gallorum Sebosiana

Cohort II Equitata Thracum

Aux Cohors I Flavia Damascenorum Milliara Equitata Eques Sagitarii (mixed mounted and foot archers)

Aux Cohort I Equitata Batavorum

Aux Equites Numidiani   

Aux Cohort I Milliara Tungrorum

Aux Cohort I Baetasiorum

Aux Cohort I Hamiorum Sagittariorum

Aux Funditores

Some Characters


Odius Pompus the Venaclius who buys captives to sell as slaves 

Fort - designed and 3D printed by my son

The Legion

The Tribes

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