Pulp Egypt

As a diversion from our usual setting of Morvalonesia for our Pulp Adventure games we have moved over to Egypt.  The Egypt of "The Mummy" films from the black and white ones to the present day.

So our version has the occult, the supernatural and the historical all mixed together.   Here you will find Nazis, hard fisted men, beautiful women, weird scientists, obsessed academics, ruins, catacombs, pyramids, temples and lots more.

The games use our own rules - slightly modified Morvalonesia ones in fact.  And you may see some characters and figures on both (well I'm not made of money!)

The pdf of Pulp Egypt is well worth getting for background.  It will save you an awful lot of time and is a very handy reference.  Click here to buy it or click on the picture of the cover.

Anyway, our trial game is set on the Pherivar Awai Oasis.


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