The Royal Regalia

General Briefing  

It is four whole days since the ambush.  Although you lost some time there you have been travelling very quickly.  Your defeat of Ruba bin Qstards brigands has endeared you to the locals.  They are very helpful providing food and shelter as well as guides and information.  All this is in exchange for the most trifling of hongo.

About mid afternoon a rather dishevelled but regal warrior stops you in your path.  He just appeared out of the desert.  It is good fortune indeed that he seems friendly.  He appears fearless and is accompanied by a few tribesmen.  Some of the warriors are wounded.  He says that he is  King Ribi NAa, ruler of a small but prosperous tribe, he has struggled steadfastly to resist the encroachment of the Abythopian Empire, the Italians and the Mahdists and to maintain his independence. Years of diplomacy failed to bring him into the colonial camp.  Now one of his own countrymen Ruba bin Qstard reinforced by Snikabari slavers yesterday attacked  Ribi NAa's royal compound. Despite many heroic feats the defenders were driven off, and Ribi NAa's people and regalia of kingship seized.

Ribi NAa himself managed to escape, along with a few of his warriors but without their dependents. Without the regalia, however, he will quickly lose sway over the people and he will be forced to come to terms with the Empire or the Europeans.

The attackers spent the night in Ribi NAa's village, looting their possessions, drinking their pembe, and eating their livestock. Ribi NAa, on the other hand, spent the night gathering his warriors and preparing to counterattack. 

Then he met you.  Binky has agreed to help him out.  Mainly, one suspects, to revenge himself upon Ruba bin Qstard.

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