International intervention in Morvalonga

The Republic of Monteria Battlegroup

President (Colonel) Jusip Rabir of Monteria offered to send a battlegroup to support the Christians in Africa.  He came to power in the military coup that ousted the former president and former actress Laura Hermesitas and her corrupt government.  Since then there have been no elections in the small Latin American nation whose laws are now determined by a military and religious committee.  The Inquisition has been reinstated to root out political opponents. 

The battlegroup is composed of a headquarters of a command reconnaissance vehicle (Revell), a fire rescue vehicle (air support, a Fuchs carrying MILAN ATGW teams and a VAB (?) command vehicle (all diecasts)

Three infantry subunits (Revell Modern Germans) mounted in (diecast) Fuchs and (diecast) Fire Support Vehicles

Armoured support is provided by (Airfix) Leopard 1 battle tanks

Recce Armoured cars

Air support is provided by three (Airfix) MBB-105 helicopters.  Two are configured for recce/utility operations and the third is equipped with a 20mm cannon under the fuselage and 6 HOT ATGW.

Ground Recce is under construction after a swap with a fellow gamer and a donation by another.

The Regular Army of Morvalonga 

The Air Forces of all nations

The Morvalongan Navy and Marines

The MOLAR Insurgents

The Paramilitaries

The Royal Islamic Army of Qaza'ar

The Royal Marines Task Force

The Independents, Gangsters and Assorted Nefarious Types

Generic Equipment 

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

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