Obnoxious occultists on obsidian Olympus

This Scenario is my entry for the Lost World Safari scenario competition.  This called for a scenario of 500 words using 6 packs of Bob Murch's figures.  This a slightly improved version.  One pack was set and the other 5 were free choice.

Nazis, Dinosaurs, Apes and Wild Wild Women - what more could you ask? 

An adventure in Pal-ul-Don for 4 players

A Lost World by Larry Dyke- Open Edition - Click Image to Close  lost world


The Obsidian Olympus is a volcanic rock formation in an unexplored region of Africa immortalised by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  The Nazis have set up a base here from which they are plundering the strange creatures for Hitlerís own arcane plans.

Forces (from Pulp Figures)


PLT 10





The Non Player Group:

Captives in cages: 2 small dinosaurs, Kojar, boy and chimp from PLT09

The Players:

  1. Kojarís family: adult females and apes from PLT08 and PLT09

  2. The Nazis: the Officer painted as a scientist (white coat) PWM36

  3. The Saurians:  2 adults from PLT08

  4. The International Society of Exploring Ladies (TINSEL): PHP19

The rock is at least 4 feet square rising vertically from the surrounding land with paths and cave access routes to the summit.  The surface is concave, rock strewn, covered with thorn and scrub thickets.  In the middle there are geothermic pools, a Nazi camp (a couple of tents and 5 cages containing the captives) and a RundFlugzeug (Flying Saucer).  Kojar is bound and gagged.  The She Wolves start in the camp, the other players at one of the access points.

Special Rules

+ TINSEL win if they capture the Nazi UFO and the scientist alive.  She can be coerced to fly it away on 3in 6 chance throw.  If not a TINSEL agent may attempt with a 2 in 6 chance of success.  Otherwise they must escape down one of the access routes or caves.

+ The Nazis win if they escape with the two small dinosaurs.  The UFO needs to be loaded with the 2 dino cages and 2 She Wolves are needed to carry each at half speed.  There is a 1 in 6 chance that the dino will bite the carrier and  be dropped  with a 1 in 6 chance of the cage breaking allowing dino to escape.  The thermal generator is powering up the UFO at d6 units per turn needing 30 to be ready, 1 turn to unplug the cables and may take off 2 turns after all doors are sealed.

+ The Family win if they rescue Kojar and the boy  and the chimp if they can.  It takes one turn to open a cage (4 in 6 chance of success +1 for an ape) and another to untie Kojar.  Once captives are free they must escape off the rock.  The apes may attack the UFO with a 1 in 6 chance each turn of doing some damage.  4 lots of damage and the UFO is grounded until repaired.

+The Saurians win if they rescue the baby dinosaurs.  They will attack anyone who gets in their way.  They may break open a cage; 3 in 6 chance Ė they are being careful.  Once they have rescued any living dinosaurs they will attempt escape.  They will attack the UFO if the babies are in it with a 1 in 6 chance each turn of doing some damage.  4 lots of damage and the UFO is grounded until repaired.

haunebu iv


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