At the moment Morvalonesia exists only as a setting for our games set in the period of 1900-1930 with an interesting mix throughout the period.  Really, it was inspired by our childhood addiction to comic books and pulp era books and films.  Then at about the same time came the excellent figures from Bob Murch at Pulp Figures and Mark Copplestone's "High Adventure" and "Back of Beyond" coupled with beasties from HLBS and various toy shops - including a stunning King Kong from the Early Learning Centre sale as well as others.  A walk round the Poundstore yielded several DVDs of the period, a rake around the old VHS boxes came up with "She", "Lost World" (lots of versions), King Kong (old) and so on.  Slim was looking at including superheroes in his Hoodsville scenarios and so from Morval Earth and Morvalistan grew Morvalonesia.

The rules are still being tested and are a variant on Slim's Gangster set.  If you fancy a shot at trying them send me an e-mail on

Any way a few taster photos of our first couple of games.

Our heroes!  Copplestone figures in in a repainted Lledo truck. The evil Lai Ying Lo makes off with the hostages. (Pulp Figures) A truck load of Pulp Chinese Infantry. Truck is a converted Disney Atlantis model. Copplestone Germans are looking at some Chinese Bandits in the swamp. Pulp & Copplelstone Chinese Bandits watch Germans in the swamp
More Heroes in a Lledo car. Almost an accident!  Chinese drivers narrowly avert skidding into each other. The lead truck rounds the bend.  The Evil Germans and bandits are not far away. On top of the hill actually!  Grenades rain down like - well rain! Ambush at the crossroads.  The stay back Chinese fight it out with the pursuit column.
The Junk sails peacefully by stopping the ferry from working.  The junk is a model acquired at a sale. The "safe side of the river.  The German leader orders the coolies to operate the ferry. (Ainsty castings) The ambush battle at the crossroads rages on, grenades and bullets fly.  The Junk sails on ignoring the action completely.  The last remaining truck is embarked on the ferry. At last the ferry starts to work.  Too late for Leutnant Otto Nobettar who is severly wounded and captured in a gallant action.
The pursuers break through, our heroes are thwarted, Lt Otto Nobettar is taken prisoner. The truck and the hostages reach safety!      

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