From all directions the forces of the Diogenese Club, the Vatican, the Nazis of SonderKommando XIII not to mention the Carlists, the Phalangists and the International Brigades converged on the ancient Moasteria del Lobbi y Coridor.  Hidden away in its ruins is the lair of the Order of the Purple Pentacle led by the Grand master Secton Tryal.  It is also the location of a Demon Portal.

First on the scene was the bold Sir Ramic Hobbe, of the Diogenese Club, with him were Bobs Uppan-Downe, Russel Sprout, Arthur Mowe and Howard Canitbie. 

Dismounting from the tourer they set off hot foot to the monastery.  Suddenly shots rang out from the ruined tower.  A sniper!  Sir Ramic fell and lay still.  Apparently dead.  This was a major blow to the Diogenese club and they had difficulty making any progress without his inspiration.  They settled down to trying to suppress the sniper while recovering Sir Ramic's body.


The Nazis under the command of Hauptmadchen Lisa Lohn dismounted at a distance as well and approached on foot unseen by the Order of the Purple Pentacle who were distracted by the Diogenese Club.  With the daring Lisa were Trudi Dohr, Isa Berg, Heidi Truve and Wendy Haus.  All highly motivated and trained Nazis in black uniforms, polished boots and lots of black leather equipment. 

On the other side of the monastery and also benefiting from the distraction caused by Sir Ramic, Cardinal Pointe and his party of Brothers Piago, Mauro, Rocco and Idro closed in but were horrified as grenades and rifle fire greeted them.  A short range battle ensued.  Huge numbers of bullets and grenades filled the air but not a soul was hit but all took what cover they could. 


Suddenly they saw an unearthly light rise from the ruins accompanied by a demonic howling that deafened and would have terrified lesser folk.  The Ritual of Demonic Summoning had been completed!

From the coiling, boiling purple light came a horde from hell.  Demons!

In the lead was the huge red demon, Zmorgahl followed then overtaken by a host of smaller blue demons.  Each was breathing out foul fumes that caused all to recoil.  A fierce hand to hand fight ensued.

The Cardinal and his men were also under severe pressure from the blue demons.  Not only that it was clear now that something had gone wrong in the ritual for the demons were out of control attacking the Order of the Purple Pentacle, in fact they were attacking every human they could reach.  The Order threw in its lot with the Cardinal and started to fight back. 
The Carlists, approaching in their truck dismounted to fire at the demons only to find that they recoiled from them.  What was going on?

Capitalising on their success they pressed forward as the demons spat their poisonous demon breath at them.  Again and again the demons attacked and were shot down.  Each time they attempted to close they recoiled.  Then a hapless Carlist charged forward and was engulfed. 

What was keeping the demons back from the truck?

The Nazis were having a rough time.  They were forced back into the ruins of the monastery chapel.  Unfortunately, Wendy Haus, of the SA was overcome by the demon breath and collapsed. 

Within seconds Zmorgahl swooped on her and drained her life force leaving a husk.

Outnumbered, SonderKommando XIII fought back hard and just held their own.

More demons emerged from the purple haze.

Led by their banner with its bronze crucifix glowing in the reflected light of the demonic purple light, the Carlists drove the demons back.  Their officer leading the way straight at the centre of the light.  Straight at the place where the demons emerged. 

With a cheer his men followed him.

Realising the danger, Zmorgahl left the Nazis and charged down at the Carlists.  Then He too pulled up short. 

"The crucifix!" called the Officer, "it's holding them back.  Close in on the flag!"

Now that the realisation finally dawned on Secton Tryall that the ritual had failed and that he had released demons he called up the car from the underground garage and made a run for it with his remaining cultist, Sue Ridgepype, the manuscript, the sword and the hostage. 

They almost made it unscathed when ...

From both sides, their enmity forgotten, the Nationalist Phalangist and the Republican International Brigade detachments closed in firing and lobbing grenades. 

Nobody was getting away if they could help it. 

Sue Ridgepype fell badly wounded and screaming as Secton Tryall bundled the bound Lady Erin Sepport into the back of the car. 

Bullets peppered the car body but miraculously missed anything vital.

The Carlist officer and the standard bearer close in on the source of the demons, the very portal of Hell.  Holding their terror in check they rushed forward together to the pit. 

Behind them Zmorgahl closed in on the hapless crippled soldier to drain his life force. 

All around lay crippled demons bearing witness to the ferocity of the Carlist advance.

Trudi Dohr was crippled in combat and her body dragged off by the demons for their master, Zmogahl, to feed on later.

The Carlists' officer and banner bearer planted their banner over the portal, it took both of them to hold it against the force of the energy.  The other soldiers pushed them forward.  Suddenly the flow reversed!  The energy was flowing back into Hell.  The Carlists almost lost their grip and would have been drawn in themselves had not their men held fast to their belts. 

The demons were being sucked back to Hell and could be seen racing past in the energy flow.

The last of the blue demons disappeared and with a great roar Zmorgahl himself was dragged kicking and screaming back into the depths of Hell from whence he came.  As suddenly as it had appeared the portal snapped closed.  The demons were gone.  Not a trace remained. 

Seton Tryall drove off as a grenade fell into the rear of the car.  There was a mighty explosion as the grenade set off the fuel tank.  The Phalangists and the Internationals closed in to search the car.

It was was only one corpse, the driver, there should have been three.  Where was Secton Tryall and his hostage.

Over their campfires the soldiers talked of a faint maniacal laugh blowing on the wind as they walked away from the wreched Rolls Royce.

The End ???


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