The Pulp Islands of


Biggles and the Walking Death


This story takes place amongst the Islands of Morvalonesia.  Hi So Dim the governor of the Island of Wai Ovadeah has asked for assistance.  He has had several reports that the natives in the remote south of the Island have been leaving the area.  Since this is an important pearl diving area and vital to the Island’s economy he has, contrary to what many thought, decided to act.  He sent in a section of his militia and two rather rash Americans from the Western Film Studios of Gollywood into the area and they have not been in contact for days.  Until yesterday that is.  A mangled militiaman was brought out of the jungle just before he went into a coma.   His story was not a little confusing.

The doctor who treated him wrote it down –

“They came at us from the rocks first.  Flying down in a swarm.  We shot at them.  It was only a diversion.  From behind us hundreds came.  Slashing and screaming their warcries “Chit – Chit – Chittah” (He screamed the last word.)  Most of us were killed right then. They dragged the wounded off.  They screamed and screamed then silence.  They burst the heads of the dead and ate the brains.  Right in front of us.  A few of us got into a cave and fought them off.  We must have killed dozens but still they came.  One by one they got us.  Then there was only me left and I ran in the dark.  One caught me and sliced open my shoulder.  But I stabbed it and got away.”

Doctor’s note – the wound is about 10 inches long, deeply incised by a sharp edge.  Difficult to say if it was a sword or kris.  What cam be said is that the blade was poisoned with some venom or other that has infected the wound.  It is like no wound I have seen before.  The action of the poison is compounded by several large insect stings on his back and neck.  These are particularly inflamed and painful.  He seems to have had a bad reaction to them.

There is a mine in the hills where some Australians are digging out Nekhemite.

The revenue from the pearl divers has dropped away to almost nothing.  They are collecting the pearls but are not risking the travel to the towns to sell them.  The Governor is setting up a temporary air service to collect the pearls from along the coast.  For this he is hiring a Dornier seaplane and its crew.  But it will not be available for a few weeks yet. 

The area where the incident took place is easily accessible by air or sea but much less so by road.  The Governor has despatched another force, this time Regular Army, by road.  He has asked the British Resident for assistance.  HMS Insipid is in for repairs following storm damage at sea. 

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