Indian Mutiny

The protected steamer “Zenobia” passing through the Lakh Islands on its way to Vishnupur.  She is a sturdy vessel, well armed with a 6 pdr, two mortars and a detachment of Bluejackets with rifles.

Modelling notes:  The Zenobia is made from card with balsa blocks fore and aft for fighting platforms.  The funnel is an old pen tube and the armour is balsa.

The “Zenobia” steams towards the Green Mosque and the ferry station. 

  Modelling notes:

The mosque is made from artists picture mounting board.  The domes are from a plastic bubble packages and a bead has been stuck onto the dome atop the tower.


A fortified house with the ferry in front.

  Modelling notes:

  The ferry is made from a piece of soft wood scored to represent planks and with two runners glued along the top.  The “A-frame” is part of the ferry machinery. 

The building is of thick card with removable roofs.  If I was making it now I would use foamcore board.  

The other end of the ferry.  The elephant provides the motive power.

Modelling notes:

The boat is a wooden deck with card sides and a paper sail.  The building on the left is made from thick card and the one on the right from foamcore board.  The bulrushes are aquarium bedding grass.

This temple is devoted to Ganesha. 


Modelling Notes:

The temple is made from thick advertising card that I got from the local supermarket after Christmas (years ago).  The dome is an old plant-pot holder.  Decoration was done with a fibre tip pen.

Ganesha came from an Indian crafts shop.

The palm tree is made from twisted plant ties with a few beads stuck on.


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