British Operations Against The mad mullah

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I started work on this project quite a few years ago because the idea of a tribal army fighting with various levels of success against the British Empire for 20 years.  Inspiring leaders, characters, biplanes, camels, mountain guns and lots of different troop types all can be found in this campaign.  The operations include open battles, ambushes, skirmishes, patrols, sieges - almost everything in fact. 


Almost all of the figures are readily available plastic 1/72 figures so the whole project is relatively inexpensive.


But first a word about a society well worth joining:


For those wishing to keep up to date with developments in this campaign and WW2 and other wargames related matters you really should join the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW).  Here you will find a most helpful bunch of people who are kind enough to respond to questions and give help in finding that elusive model.  In addition you will receive the highly interesting and informative “Journal” with articles, scenarios and adverts.  Not only that a large number of suppliers give Society have discounts that can let you easily recover the cost of your subscription.

Visit SOTCW Website to join or browse.


SOTCW Secretary:
Phil Gray, 4 Clarence Avenue, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 8AU e-mail: 


NOTE ON PICTURES AND MAPS:  Most of the pictures and maps have been taken from the internet and if I have infringed copyright then it is inadvertent. 


If the owner lets me know of any infringement I will give due credit or remove them as you wish.

NEW See over a thousand Inch High plastic soldiers fight the (fictional) battle of Werdigo

Mad Mullah Introduction


First Expedition

Second Expedition

Third Expedition

Fourth Expedition

First World War

Fifth Expedition

Air Operations 

The Mad Mullah's Dervish Army

The British Empire Army 

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