Iraq 1941 - Wargames Scenarios

The Scenarios all use the same format of a general briefing, player briefings and objectives, special rules and a  historical comment.  I have not specified any particular rules and you may use any rules that you prefer.  When selecting your rules they need to favour infantry, light armour and aircraft of the early period of the war rather than the tank battles of the later period. 

This part gives twelve scenarios for wargames.   I have published some of this material in the Journal of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers No 68 go to  SOTCW Website where you can buy back copies and join this society.  A really worthwhile investment if you are interested in warfare from 1900 to the present day.These were originally written for our own local set of rules that appear in Section 4 though they can be used with suitable changes in many other sets.  Our favoured figure size is 20mm, 1/72, 1/76 depending upon what is available with 1/76 preferred as my collection is based on the Airfix and Matchbox model vehicles in that scale supported with newer resin models from Frontline Wargaming, David Reasoner and others.  These transport and support Aitrfix, Revell, HaT, Matchbox, Italeri as well as some other plastic 1/72 figures metal ones from Tumbling Dice, Raventhorpe, B&B and other manufacturers brought in from their 20mm ranges.  The air forces are from 1/72 scale kits from a variety of manufacturers.  

The models I have used to fill the gaps in what is commercially available are conversions from Airfix and other kit manufacturers.  Also present are diecast toys converted or just repainted to fit in with the collection.  Here I have to confess that my models go more for the look than accuracy and detail.  Partly this is because many were made under the influence of the Airfix Magazine Guide, “8th Army in the Desert” by John Sandars and the Airfix magazine articles that preceded it.  These publications set me off on the hobby and ever since I’ve tried to maintain that look rather than replace all the models. 

The scenarios follow the format used by CS Grant in his “Table Top Teasers” in the old “Battle” magazine and  in “Battlegames” magazine and its special "Table Top Teasers". 

I have tried to follow the course of the campaign with representative actions and the scenarios can be played sequentially as a sort of “campaign” of related battles.  Others can be added as your reading extends or you can add in fictitious actions as you see fit.  Many of the scenarios will fit other periods or you can change the force levels and composition to vary the actions.  Many of the scenarios have been altered to make a more balanced wargame so each has a brief historical note that gives an outline of what happened in 1941. 

The scenarios also cover a variety of different sizes of actions that can be played out using role-play (almost pulp adventure) rules through skirmishes to brigade level actions.  Many involve land and air forces and, occasionally, water craft. 

In some I have changed the terrain and forces to make a better game rather than be strictly historical.  I have done this to allow the players to have the chance of a decent game.  After all, who wants to play a game that is set up so that, no matter what you do, your forces surrender or run away?

The Escape of the Regent

Night Patrol at Habbaniyah

Battle at Sinn el Dibban

Clearing the Port of Ashar

British Assault on Fallujah

Iraqi Counter Attack at Fallujah

The Raid Across the Jezireh

River Crossing at Habib Shawi and Qrmat Ali

The Battle at Kadhimain

The Fort at Khan Nuqta

What If the Arab Legion and Legion Freies Arabien Met?

Mercol in Action

The History

Building Your Forces

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