This scenario represents a pursuit and the clash between pursuers and pursued.  In this game I’ve changed the scale from 1/6 to 1/3 to give more figures in the game.


 The British column, Mercol, under command of Major Merry, is pursuing the insurgent Fawzi al Qawukji who is trying to escape to Syria.  Mercol have closed up and a Lysander has dropped message giving his current location at Abu Kemal. 


The ground is low rolling hilly countryside with gullies, boulders, scrub patches, wadis and stone outcrops. 

 General Outline

The dispersed insurgents are stationary in camp at the start of the game.  They will start to move as soon as the pursuers are spotted. 








British Force Briefing

Mission:  To capture or destroy the irregulars.

Execution:  Close in rapidly to inflict maximum casualties on the insurgents.  If possible capture Fawzi al Qawukji.  Your force may be split into groups with different orders under an officer or NCO.  YOU MAY NOT CROSS INTO SYRIA.

Text Box: Mercol
Sqn Household Cavalry
2 x 15cwt truck with AA Bren – Officer, driver, gunner, 2” mortar, SMG, 3 x riflemen
1 x 15cwt truck with AA Bren – SMG, driver, Gunner, Boys ATk Rifle, 3 x riflemen
4 x 15cwt truck with AA Bren – SMG, driver, Gunner, LMG, 3 x riflemen

1 x RAF Fordson Armoured Car
1 x 25pdr, Quad, crew
1 x OP team in 15 cwt truck
1 x 3 Ton truck with ammunition, stores and fuel, driver, LMG, 2 rifles.






Iraqi Force Briefing

 Mission:  To escape to Syria

Text Box: Insurgents
1 x Car – Fawzi al Qawukji, driver, 2 x riflemen
1 x truck – driver, 2 x gunners, 1 x MMG, 2 riflemen
2 x trucks – driver, leader, 1 x LMG, 6 x riflemen
6 x trucks –driver, 6 x riflemen
2 x 3 Ton truck with ammunition, stores and fuel, driver,  1 x rifleman.
Execution:  Rearguard to delay the British, remainder to flee.  At least 1/3 of the force is to designated as rearguard.    


Playing the Game

The ridges provide hull down positions for the vehicles.

The insurgents are not dug in but may have improvised sentry posts covering each track.

Every moving vehicle outside the village should have a dust cloud placed behind it.  The length of this should be half the distance moved.  The dust blocks line of sight and any vehicle inside a dust cloud cannot be seen but also cannot observe.

The tracks are regarded as fairly good going for wheeled vehicles.  Driving across a wadi on a track at less than one third speed risks bogging on a 1, at two thirds speed a 1 or 2 and at more than two thirds speed a 1, 2 or 3.

Off the track all vehicles travel at half speed except in the wadis where the best speed is walking pace for infantry.  

Driving across a wadi off a track at less than one third speed risks bogging on a 1 or 2, at two thirds speed a 1 - 3 and at more than two thirds speed a 1 - 4.  If driving along it the risk is reduced to a 1 only.  Any vehicle that rolls a 1 rolls again d6 and overturns on a roll of 1.  Digging a vehicle out takes two men and the driver a whole turn.  The vehicle ends up in the bottom of he wadi.

The Household Cavalry had 4x4 vehicles; to reflect this they add 1 to their die rolls in negotiating wadis. 

The dispersed parts of the insurgents must concentrate on a leader figure before moving off.  They will follow the concentration plan unless the player has sent them a message to change this.  Roll a D6 for each vehicle crew; half the score rounded up is the time in turns taken for the crew to be ready to move.  The trucks then concentrate on an officer before moving off. 

Winning the Game

 The British win outright if they capture Fawzi al Qawukji himself or kill 1/3 of the insurgents.

The Iraqis win if they get more than 2/3 off the table to Syria.

Any other result is a draw. 

Historical Action

Mercol caught up with the insurgents and in a short sharp action dispersed them with considerable loss.  Because of his orders Major Merry was not able to pursue them and finish their destruction.  Fawzi al Qawukji himself escaped and was thorn in the flesh for years to come.


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