This scenario represents a fictitious meeting engagement between the two Arab Legions – the Trans Jordan Arab Legion (TJAL) and that of Germany Legion Freies Arabien (LFA).  


Kingcol is advancing on Habbaniya and has been deployed off to the south to counter a reported sighting of enemy vehicles at the oasis and ruined fort at Nuqaib in the desert.


The desert is open stony ground with windblown sand dunes.  The main feature is the rocky outcrop and spring that makes up the oasis on the German base line.  The ruined fort is more a collection of broken walls and the remnants of a tower where a single lookout may be posted.  There a few other ruins where caravan s have built shelters.

General Outline

The reports of troop movements in the desert have been coming to Glubb via the Bedouin of the desert.  Likewise radio reports from Baghdad have been telling the German led Legion Freies Arabien (LFA) of the progress of Kingcol.  As a result the TransJordan Arab Legion (TJAL) are now deployed in a screen to the south and the LFA readying themselves for a foray north against the Lines of Communication of Kingcol back to Transjordan.  Both sides have deployed scouts.


TJAL Force Briefing (Glubb Pasha)

 Mission:  To eliminate the enemy force at Nuqaib Oasis.

 Execution:  The TJAL will locate and destroy the enemy at Nuqaib Oasis in a typical Bedouin dawn assault.  

Text Box: HQ Squadron
1 x Chevrolet with Lewis gun
Glubb Pasha, Arab NCO, driver, Lewis gunner , loader,  6 rifles.
1 x Chevrolet with Vickers MMG
Arab NCO, driver, gunner, Boys ATk Rifle and 6 rifles. 

2 Squadrons each
2 x Chevrolet with Lewis gun
Arab Officer, Arab NCO, 2 drivers, 2 Lewis gunners, 2 loaders, 12 rifles.

The enemy have been found by intelligence and air reconnaissance.  They have established a base at Nuqaib Oasis and pose threat to the column and its line of communication.  Tonight the replenishment column will arrive and the attack is planned for just before dawn.

 The enemy regularly patrol from the base and so can expect to be met at any time.


LFA Force Briefing (Hauptmann Berger)

Mission:  To interdict the British Line of Communication between Habbaniya and Trans Jordan.

Execution:  Locate and destroy the enemy screen, penetrate it and destroy military supply transport along the line of communication.    

Text Box: HQ Company
1 x light truck with MG34
Haupt Berger, German NCO (SMG), driver, LMG, loader, 6 rifles.
1 x light truck with MG34MMG
Arab NCO, driver, gunner, Boys ATk Rifle and 6 rifles. 

2 Companies each
2 x light truck with AA Lewis gun
German Officer, German NCO (SMG), 2 drivers, 2 LMG, 2 loaders, 12 rifles.

Supply Detachment in Oasis
1 x car, 2 x 3-ton supply trucks (departing)
Fuel dump on ground.

The enemy have established a thin screen of Arab Legion scout cars between the Oasis and the main Trans Jordan – Habbaniya road along the pipeline.   This afternoon the supply truck arrives and the column will move off before dawn.

 Hauptman Berger may be played using a command car and his escort in another car. 



Playing the Game

The two sides meet in the early dawn about midway down the track.

 Every moving vehicle on the desert should have a dust cloud placed behind it.  The length of this should be half the distance moved.  The dust blocks line of sight and any vehicle inside a dust cloud cannot be seen but also cannot observe.

The tracks are regarded as fairly good going for wheeled vehicles.  Off the track all vehicles travel at half speed except in the wadis where the best speed is walking pace for infantry.  Any vehicle entering the wadi rolls a d6 and overturns on a roll of 1, bogs in on a 2 or 3.  Similarly exiting the wadi.  Driving across a wadi risks bogging on 1-3 and if driving along it the risk is reduced to a 1 only.

 Winning the Game

 The TJAL win if they drive off the enemy.

 The LFA win if they drive off or the enemy

 Any other result is a draw.

 Historical Action

 There wasn’t one!


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