This scenario represents a quick attack and breakthrough by the southern column on the road from Falluja to Baghdad.


The British column crossed the Euphrates on the night of 27/28 May and drove along the flooded road towards Baghdad.  The RAF armoured cars led the way and ran into Iraqi defences both sides of the road at the fortified police station at Khan Nuqta.


The ground is flat with the usual bunds and ditches cutting the low lying ground.  To the north the road the ground has been flooded.  There are sand dunes along the edge of the desert.  The fort is near the road and is connected by telephone to Baghdad.  The fort is a low construction surrounded by a low walled enclosure.  The main building is in the centre and there is a low tower by the gate near the road.  Along the inside of the walls are lean-to constructions to provide shade for cooking and stores.  The walls have a decorative battlements and a firing step.  The whole structure can accommodate about 12 figures

The Iraqi defensive positions in the sand hills at the depth position are trenches.  The battalion HQ at the white buildings is connected to Baghdad by telephone. 

 General Outline:  The British are exploiting their successes at Falluja following up the rather demoralised Iraqi troops who are being continuously harassed from the air.  Neither the Royal Iraqi Air Force nor the Luftwaffe are available to make appearances during this engagement. 

 British Force Briefing

 Mission:  To force a passage along the road to Baghdad.

Execution:  The column will attack from column of march. 

Order of March

No2 Armoured Car Coy RAF

Sqn Household Cavalry

Tp 2pdr ATk guns with escort

Bde HQ

237 Fd Bty RA

Bde Services

A & D Coys 1/Essex

Iraqi Force Briefing

Mission:  To stop the British advance on Baghdad

Execution:  The British are to be held in the Khan Nuqta  area.   



Fort Garrison (poor morale)

Platoon Iraqi Police


Main Defence line (average morale)

Coy Infantry (depleted)

MG platoon (1 x MMG)


Depth Position (poor morale)


Coy Infantry

Mortar platoon (1 x model 3 mortar & MFC)

MG platoon (1 x MMG)

Artillery Battery (1 x 18pdr, limber & FOO)

Playing the Game

Historically, the Brigadier was in the front line urging on the bayonet charge.  His effect may have been inspiring and so a bonus should be given should be given to the attackers if the British player chooses to risk his commander.

The ditches each side of the road are very difficult for wheeled vehicles to cross. 

The flooded areas of the road are passable with care.  Any vehicle traversing them rolls a d6 a score of 1 means that it has stalled and will need towed out by another vehicle of the same or heavier type.  The towing vehicle will stall on a roll of 1 or 2.

 The low sand hills provide an area of dead ground behind them. 

 The rough stone desert may be crossed by wheeled vehicles.  The normal dust rules apply.

 The sand hills count as difficult terrain for movement.

 The flooded land may only be traversed by troops on foot.

 The police fort has a main building and a cooking area and store at the rear surrounded by a low wall.  It is a traffic control point and is only proof against small arms.

 Winning the Game

 The British win if they clear the opposition and have enough strength to continue the advance.

 The Iraqis win if they stop the British or inflict more than 25% casualties upon them.

 There are no other results.

Historical Action

The armoured cars ran into the defences and engaged them with MG fire.  Then the Household Cavalry rapidly debussed and launched a bayonet charge supported by the 25pdrs and the armoured cars.  The Iraqi front lines put up a token resistance and surrendered. And the depth position shelled the main column until an assault by a troop drove them back.  They may already have been retreating when attacked.

Sources of Figures and Models

The fort is really a small police station that has a fortified look and is proof only against small arms fire.  The police there had little or no effect on the action. 


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