Graf Silth's Mission

A Sideshow in the Forest

The Pantaloni Tribe

After the agreement with the dwarf interlopers had been agreed, a messenger was sent to contact the Placki. The Arch Druid Gravido and the Ent Elmantin went away to pass on the information about the hoped for inoffensiveness of the interlopers. Chief Balder left Jakir and Plumba in charge of those left to watch the dwarves overnight. He took some of the force to arrange meals for them.

   In the morning Russet and two warriors went to guide the dwarves off the Pantaloni lands. They would leave them at the edge of the Raghi land and who knows what reaction the might get from them? Meanwhile Jakir was still expecting an invasion force from King Granbold. He suspected that the interlopers were really a spying advance guard and the Ent Bamagon tended to agree with him. So once the dwarves were on their way he led the remaining warriors to the part of the border where the interlopers had emerged from. He reckoned that any following force would try to copy the interloper’s route into the forest. So he decided to lead them into useful ambush position. Some of his warriors were making a new trail when the cry went up that more interlopers were arriving! Jakir and Plumba crept forward to estimate what they were up against. “I count fifteen with two mules!” said Plumba.  

 “We should be able to deal with them if they come the way we want!”

 “From what I can see they are all well armoured warriors! It will not be easy!”

 “You worry too much! Look on this as an opportunity for glory! I will pick a spot where we can run away easily if necessary!” 

Jakir’s force       

Chieftain Jakir, Chieftain Plumba, Ent Bamagon, Miss Crema, 4 Javelinmen, 4 Light Slingers, 4 Javelin women = 16 + Ent Bamagon

8c Ent Bamagon 5”, Fa 16/32, TI 3 TR 6, SR 3, D -7, C -6, W -5, A -3, Ob 1.4, Me +4 -  2 = +2 stun st -2 stun 4 Can disguise as a Tree stump & reverse

1st Level magician, Unnerving Noise, Cling.

            Speaks Ent, Washa, Kazid, can herd Huorns

Chieftain Jakir Off, Mo 8", Fa 8/16, TR +3, SR + 1, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +2, Ob 1.6,

Me +3 0 = +3 sword st 0 melee sword parry 7+ St 6, speaks Washa, Kazid (P)

Chieftain Plumba Off, Mo 6", Fa 6/12, TR 0, SR +2, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +2, Ob 1.2,

Me 0 -0 = 0 sword st 0 speaks Washa, Kazid

Miss Crema Ind Mo 6", Fa 6/12, TR 2, SR + 1, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +1, Ob 1.2,

Me -2 -0 = -2 sword st 0 target parry 7+ St 4 1st aid kit. Speaks Washa

Javelinman Fol, Mo 7", Fa 7/14, TR 0, SR + 0, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +2, Ob 1.6,

Me 1 -1 = 0 dagger st 0 Javelin 6” 5+, st -2 Speaks Washa

Light Slinger Fol, Mo 7", Fa 7/14, TR 0, SR + 0, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +2, Ob 1.6,

Me 0 -1 = -1 dagger st 0 sling 4" 5+, 8" 6+, 12" 7+, 16" 8+ 12 st -5 speaks Washa

Javelin woman Fol, Mo 6", Fa 6/12, TR 0, SR + 0, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +1, Ob 1.2,

Me -1 -1 = 0 dagger st 0 Javelin 5” 5+, st -2 Speaks Washa

The Ent Bamagon hid in the southeast end of a large patch of briars with Chieftan Jakir and his javelins hidden in the trees beyond. Chieftan Plumba had four slingers on the ridge behind the briars. Miss Crema led four javelins in the trees to the north of the ridge.

The dwarf interlopers advance in a block formation. Crema’s force ran out and threw their javelins and then retreated away. Plumba’s slingers felled a mule and stayed loosing off more stones. The dwarves moved away after the javelin throwers but a stone hit their second mule which stampeded away. The dwarves mostly carried on after the javelin throwers who were much too quick for them. So Plumba led her slingers after the wounded mule. Fortunately it had finished its run so they caught it. The dwarves then came after them but again were too slow. Disheartened and with some wounded amongst them they then retired back over the border into Neradh. Jakir and the Ent Bamagon emerged from their hiding places too late to take part in the action.

   When Chief Balder heard about this skirmish he was wroth with Jakir as it might well provoke King Granbold into declaring war on Limura. He well feared that the Ruling Council of Limura would offer up his Pantaloni tribe as a peace offering if he did! However the tribe roasted the mules, and feasted on the food and drinks carried by them!

The Arch Druid Gravido was also annoyed and suggested that the Pantaloni keep away from the border area for a while. Jakir was stripped of his chieftainship.

                                                =                      =                      =  



Bishop Bhorin of Naug

The Bishop dazedly awoke slumped with his head resting on the high table of the Great Hall. The light was dim as some of the cressets had burnt out. There was a continuous cacophony of snoring. Groggily he raised himself up to see King Granbold and all his court asleep, with some of the feast viands left on the tables uneaten. He turned to look at the Klock on the wall behind him. This splendid feat of dwarvish engineering had been a gift From King Druffin of Varadh, many years ago. Blearily he read the time as being twelve minutes before the sixth hour. The sixth hour! He must have been drugged! It was quite common for the King and his warriors to sleep at the table after a feast but not for him, a prelate of Bikon! He always took care to drink plenty of water with his mead and usually left the table when the warriors started getting too boisterous. Were they all drugged too? He shook the nearby Graf Lukin but he just groaned and started snoring again. With all the court in drugged sleep this was a dangerous situation, an enemy could easily slay them all! He rose and unsteadily made his way to the Guard chamber. Sir Merril son of Mooch greeted him. “Good Morrow Your Grace. I take it that the feast was a great success, for we could wake none of you earlier! We fear that our relief will be late taking over this morning!”

 “Indeed. I suspect that we in the hall have all been drugged! What hath transpired here through the night?”

 “Naught of note Your Grace! I have the reports written out ready for our relief. Let me see, most of the patrols saw nothing. Only Sir Presin reports that his patrol met the duty Officer Graf Silth outside the Southern Sortie Gate. He had Princess Griselda and some other dvaus with him. He was checking the patrols as she was concerned that security might not be adequate on a feasting night.”

 “What threat could there possibly be? No foe has openly set foot in Neradh for decades, maybe centuries! If there has been any threat it is from within! Where is Graf Silth?”

 “Oh. I know not, I have not seen him since last evening Your Grace.”

 “Indeed. Where is Sir Presin?”

 “He has just gone to tell Sir Klapper the bell ringer that we expect our relief to be arriving late.”

 “We must try to waken the feasters. Where is the Physician Royal?”

 “He will be one of the feasters Your Grace. A patient needs to be at death’s door before he ever misses a carouse!”

 “Someone in the Kitchens may know of some means of waking them. Someone in the kitchens is likely to be responsible for drugging the feasters!”

 “I will check but the kitchen staff lie sleeping like unto the feasters. With that great meal yesterday they had a hard shift.”

Just then Sir Presin came into the chamber. “Someone has attacked Sir Klapper and he lies unconscious! If someone will carry him to the hospital I shall take over his duty!”

 “I will come with you Sir Presin.” Said Bishop Bhorin and went, accompanied by four soldiers of the night guard. “All the feasters lie asleep as do the kitchen workers who provided their food and drink. What think you that has happened Sir Knight?”

 “In truth I know not. Perchance there were some toadstools or some such in the provender? Included by accident of course!”

 “It may not have been an accident! It is in my mind that all those Lords were poisoned at Caphtor by the evil ones. However I have recovered so it seems that the dose is not fatal.”

They then entered the bell ringer’s chamber and the Bishop examined Sir Klapper. He was still breathing but blood had come out of his left ear and there was much swelling around it. There was a smell of mead from his beard. “Has he been drinking on duty?” wondered Sir Presin. “That is not what has stunned him. He is badly hurt, take him to the hospital.” returned the bishop. “Tell me Sir Presin, after you met Graf Silth near the Southern Sortie Gate, have you seen him again?”

 “No Your Grace. Surely you do not think he has anything to do with the feasters being drugged? What could he possibly gain from such an action?”

 “Your report says that he was accompanying Princess Griselda and other dvaus. How many dvaus?”

 “I am afraid I did not really notice, not more than half a dozen I trow.”

  “Well you stay here on bell duty until someone relieves you. Stay, best ring the six o’clock bell, the time is a little past but no matter. I go to the King.”

He returned to the Guard Chamber where Sir Merril greeted him, “I have sent round to all the sentries and patrols asking them to be extra vigilant. Some of the feasters have awakened Your Grace. One was the Physician Royal, so I have sent him with Sergeant Ghroul to investigate what has happened in the kitchens. Provisionally I am putting them all under arrest!”

 “Well done! I suppose that if anyone is to get any breakfast we had better set the Dvaunana kitchen staff to provide it. I authorise you to inform them of this fact!”

 “Very good Your Grace.”

The Bishop then returned to the feasting hall to find that King Granbold was now amongst those who had woken from their heavy sleep. He told him of what had happened and the steps so far taken. The King was still rather dazed but thought his first duty was to visit Sir Klapper in the hospital. He was still unconscious and the duty healer said that he was in a coma, like to last a long time. Perhaps even several days!

 “Who could have done this?” asked the King.

 “I have my suspicions Sire that Graf Silth may have been involved. He was the Duty Commander last night and has not been seen since some time after midnight. He was encountered with a patrol plus half a dozen dvaus near the Southern Sortie gate. Your sister Princess Griselda was one of the dvaus.”

 “Oh! Then we had best visit the Dvaunana!”

 So they went there to be met by Lady Laia. She curtseyed and said “Your Royal Highness, Princess Griselda has left the Dvaunana. She left this letter for you.”

The King took it from her and broke the seals:

Beloved Brother,

                            I am sorry if my little subterfuge has made you angry but I fear stuffy Bhorin will make a pointless fuss. Anyway I am sure that a sound sleep will be of benefit to you and your warriors. The Fango tapestry made on the basis of sketches from the actual scene, convinced me that realism is of great benefit. My next work is to depict the tale of Coerl and Yanwen. Pursued by Yanwen’s father they threw themselves over the Bossil fall in oneanothers arms. This is a highly roamntic tale likely to be beloved of the Foixian Chatelaines. So my ladies and I are going to the Bossil fall. I have ordered the Commander of the Fortress Guards to escort us with some of his men. His duty was finishing on Workday anyway. So you do not have to worry about our safety. I have heard that the Bossil Lily that grows near the fall, has roots from which a yellow dye almost as good as saffron can be made. If we can find some we could try to grow it here!                                                                           Your dutiful sister Griselda

 “Dutiful! If she was truly dutiful she would have asked for permisssion to leave first!”

 “I knew it was a mistake to allow the dvaus to hear those ridiculous troubadour’s Lays!”

 “Ridiculous they may be but in truth the tapestries sell well. Very well! So though we like it not she does have a point in following her ideas. Besides how long is she likely to be? A day or two perhaps?”

 “It depends where this Bossil Fall is. Certainly not in Neradh! I have never heard of it!”

 “Lady Laia, do you know where this Bossil Fall is, you must have heard the Troubadour’s tale that mentions it.” asked the King.

 “Alas Sire I think it is in Linfarne’s Lay which Lady Ceiling read to us in Edin, which I do not understand.”

 “Bring us Dumgrund the  Librarian Royal!”

 But Dumgrund had not heard of the Bossil Fall either. There had been only one hand written copy of Linfarne’s Lay and it seemed that Princess Griselda must have taken that with her. Dumgrund had never read it, it was not the sort of thing he would be interested in! They then tried to work out in which direction the Bossil Fall might be.

 “The names Coerl and Yanwen have an elvish ring to them Sire.” Suggested Dumgrund.

 Bikon forbid! Surely Griselda is not heading to the elvish lands! We would never see her again!”      

 “Well Sire, dvaus never have much idea of mapreading or practical matters.” commented Bishop Bhorin.

Dumgrund suggested “You must hope that Graf Silth will have the sense to take her to any old waterfall and get her to sketch that. She will not find the Bossil Lily but that is no great matter. It may not have been as good for making dyes anyway! If we knew which way they went it might give us some idea of where this fall might be!”

Inquiries were made and soon news came in from the Warden of the Cragkries Game Preserve. Graf Silth’s party travelled through the night on the easterly road towards Khazap. Jaun the warden had been warned that several packs of wolves had appeared, coming from the Limuran Fimbrethine forest. They must have broken through the border defences, for none had been seenin Neradh for centuries. Accordingly he released the wolf destroying undead monster Iggi, from her cave and started to patrol the road. He saw Graf Silth’s party heading away from him. They had been attacked by wolves and Jaun discovered seventeen wolf corpses, plus the very badly mauled Master Muleteer Lamphern lying on the road. Jaun had not spoken to the party as he was afraid the monster Iggi would stampede their mules. He brought Lamphern back to his Lodge, where he was now being cared for by his own staff. He had returned Iggi to her cave but was ready to call her out if any more wolves were reported.

 “So shall I send Graf Lukin out to arrest them Sire? It would make a very bad impression if they were allowed to carry on unpunished! Drugging us like that is scandalous!”

 “Perhaps. However if they do find the Bossil Lily and make tapestries of the fall, the matter will not appear so bad. Killing seventeen wolves is a feat not to be belittled! Looking at the map and judging from the direction they have taken, this fall might be on the Walda River, that makes the eastern boundary of Perigord. Order  Lukin to chase them that way. If the fall is there, let them complete their mission. If it is any further away, order them to return at once! We will give Graf Lukin a passport to enter Perigord. If he calls at Signy they might find a human who has heard of the Bossil Fall.”

  “I am sure Graf Lukin will carry out this task most zealously Sire!”

  “Oh... Indeed? In that case we order that you to go with him! You are to make sure there is no fighting between him and Graf Silth! If they intend to go further away than Perigord, order them to return or Silth will forfeit his desmine!”

 “Yes Sire.” concurred Bishop Bhorin rather dismally. At 378 he was not too fit.

    He told Graf Lukin the mission and asked him to assemble some of his soldiers. They would need two mules to carry their supplies. He himself was coming with his attendant the Valet Bentax. There was no time to waste, they would leave soon after a hasty dinner and travel through the night. When Bishop Bhorin joined Graf Lukin outside the Fortress front gate, he saw that he had only five retainers and two mules with him? “Do not worry Your Grace, Sir Darkhen with seven others will be waiting for us on the Khazhap road. Half Graf Silth’s party are dvaus, so sixteen of us should be plenty to deal with him.”

So the party consisted of Bishop Bhorin, Graf Lukin, Sir Korner, Sergeant Trillbe, Valet Bentax and three crossbow dwarves.

So they set out and in time met Sergeant Kuch and six spear dwarves. “Alas Sire, Sir Darkhen challenged Graf Silth to duel and was slain. He has no wife so we buried him behind that crag.”

 “He really had no option Sire!” said one of the spearmen. “There were only four of us when we met them, so we were easily outnumbered. That was the only way he had a chance of stopping them!”

 “Yes there were seventeen of them plus three mules but two were wounded by the wolves. They drove off one lot and then destryed a later pack. The Warden of the Cragkries has taken all the bodies.” added Sergeant Kuch.

 “Very well lads. We are now in pusuit of Graf Silth and his party for as long as it takes! This is his Grace the Bishop of Naug who accompanies us.”

   So they marched along the Khazhap road until in time they came to the Khazdan turn off. Bishop Bhorin and Graf Lukin conferred. “Graf Silth will most likely be heading for Khazdan where his own people control the border?” suggested Graf Lukin.

 “I agree. It is also the shortest way to get to the Walda River on which the Bossil Fall might occur.” responded the Bishop. So that is the way they went.

   It was late afternoon when they reached Khazdan. They were met at the village gate by Sir Zenith. “Who are you? Is this a war party to avenge our losses to the wolves?”

 “I am Bishop Bhorin of Naug and we are sent by King Granbold to confer with Graf Silth concerning his mission. You do not know where the Bossil Fall is by any chance?”

 “The Bossil Fall ? I am very sure that it is not near Khazdan. I know this area well!”

Graf Lukin glared at him, “Has Graf Silth and his party come this way?”

 “Yes they were here this morning. They have gone over the border into Limura.”

 “We must follow them. Sir Zenith, please can you provide a guide to let us through the border defences?”

 “Certainly your Grace, I will take you there myself but it had better be tommorrow! It will be dark soon and the border is a dangerous place. When the wolves came over, our defences were over run and four dwarves were killed at a guard post. I have now  reset all the traps.” They then heard several drums beating in Limura.

 Bikon preserve them and you! It sounds as though Graf Silth may have upset soemone. However he may be safe as he has a Druid with him. The Forest Limurans hate we dwarves but they do worship Irminsul. I am glad that I am not travelling with you.”

So the Bishop and his force camped overnight near Khazdan. Far later than Bishop Bhorin had a right to expect, Sir Zenith joined him and started guiding him through the border traps. Eventually the knight said “As you pass that tree trunk you enter Limura. That tree trunk is an Ent by the way, so be careful!” and he turned back the way he had come, resetting the traps.

                                                =                      =                      =

Bishop Bhorin Into Limura   

Bishop Bhorin’s menie, Bishop Bhorin of Naug, Graf Lukin of Dardens, Sir Karner son of Krak, Sergeant Trillbe, Sergeant Kuch, Valet Bentax, 3 crossbow dwarves, 6 spear dwarves & 2 mules = 15

Bishop Bhorin Lea, Mo 5", Fa 6/12, TR +6, SR +4, D-5, C-4, W -3, A 0, Ob 1.0,

Me +1 -1 = 0 mace st +2 shield parry 7+ St 4 Speaks Kazid, Simnith, Edin, Reads Runes Tengthin 2nd level magician: Blinding Flash, Charms Sing, Detect Magic, Frightening Thought, Odour of Sanctity, Magic Illumination, Strength Boosting, Imposition of magic Locks, Melt Metal, Strength Drain, Strength Increase.  343 GP

Graf Lukin Off, Mo 5", Fa 6/12, TR +6, SR +4, D-5, C-4, W -3, A 0, Ob 1.0,

Me +3 -1 = +2 mace st +2 Shield parry 6+ St 4

Speaks Kazid, Simnith, Edin, Reads Runes 163 GP

Sir Karner Off, Mo 5", Fa 6/12, TR +5, SR +4, D-6, C-5, W -4, A 0, Ob 0.7,

Me +2 -1 = +1 axe st +2 Speaks Kazid, Simnith, Edin, Reads Runes 24 GP

Sergeant Trillbe Ind, Mo 5", Fa 6/12, TR +4, SR +4, D-5, C-4, W -3, A 0, Ob 1.0,

Me +2 -0 = +2 sword st 0 shield parry 7+ St 4 7 GP

 Speaks Kazid, Simnith, Reads Runes, tinderbox,

Sergeant Kuch Ind, Mo 5", Fa 6/12, TR +4, SR +4, D-5, C-4, W -3, A 0, Ob 1.0,

Me +2 -1 = +1 axe st +2 Speaks Kazid, Simnith, Reads Runes, tinderbox, 24 GP

 1st aid Kit

Valet Bentax Fol, Mo 5", Fa 7/14, TR +3, SR +3, D-4, C-3, W -2, A +2, Ob 1.2, 20 GP

Me +1 -1 = +1 axe st +2 Speaks Kazid, Simnith, Reads Runes, tinderbox, 1st aid pouch

Crossbow Dwarf Fol Mo 5", Fa 6/12, TR 3, SR 3, D-6, C-5, W -4, A 0, Ob 0.6, Me +0 –1 = -1 axe s +2 Latch Crossbow 5" 4+, 10" 5+, 15" 6+, 20" 6+, St -4  +1 to hit if rested.

12 quarrels Fires alternate moves. Speaks Kazid, Reads Runes (D x GP)

Spear dwarf Fol, Mo 5”, Fa 5/10, TR 3, SR 3, D-6, C –5, W –4, A 0, Ob 0.6,

Me +1 –0 = +1 +2 1st Round spear st +1 Shield Parry 7+ St4 Speaks Kazid (D x GP)

Laden Mules T Bea Mo 6”, Fa 7/14, TR -1, SR -2, D-5, C -4, W -2, A 0, Ob 0.8

Me -2 -2 = -4 teeth & hooves st -1. Speak herbivore. Okserk 1” strangers






Over the border into Limura

Bishop Bhorin’s force warily crossed the cleared strip between the border briar entanglement and the forest. There it was easy to spot the trail left by a sizeable party of travellers, through the newgrown grass. The party advanced four abreast. The trees were further apart than in the pine dominated areas in the north. Presently the trail went alongside a gentle ridge fronted by a large clump of briars. As they passed it, some tribesmen ran out from trees on the other side and hurled javelins at them! As they turned to face them, slingstones rained down from men on the ridge. One of the mules was struck on its hind leg and collapsed. “After the javelin throwers! They will likely only be armed with daggers now!” Ordered Graf Lukin. One spearman was down with a javelin in his shield arm so Sergeant Kuch bandaged him. Bishop Bhorin said “We can leave the mule, we have money to buy more supplies when we reach Perigord!” Shortly afterwards the sergeant himself was wounded by a sling stone aand had to be treated himself. The second mule was struck by a sling stone and stampeded away from the ridge. Ahead, Graf Luking realised that chasing the fleeter tribesmen through the trees was useless and ordered his dwarves to return. A slingstone then injured sergeant Trillbe. The enemy were striking significant blows against them!  The slingers from the ridge now descended from it at a run, chasing after the stampeded mule. It had halted beside some bushes and so they caught it. The dwarves belatedly heading in that direction but were too slow again. A last slingstone struck Bishop Bhorin on his right arm. Ahead he could see more tribesmen massing with what looked like an Ent in siupport. In pain he ordered a retreat back over the border. “Back to Neradh! Without both our supply mules we are asking for trouble!”

   So they headed back to the border. Embarrassingly they had to wait   an hour until the border guards could come and unset the traps. The three other wounded they left at Khazdan but Bishop Bhorin marched with all the rest, all the way back to Naug. They arrived in time for a late dinner but the Bishop asked to see the King first!

 “Your Royal Highness, you should declare war on Limura! Our party was attacked and our two mules stolen! They broke my arm with a sling stone!”

 “A sling stone! Those tribesmen really are back in the stone age! What did you say to them?”

 “Say? We had no chance to say anything! They attacked us and three of our men were wounded. Those I have left at Khazdan.”

 “Noone was killed then? Perhaps some of theirs?”

 “No, they ran away from us.”

 “So really it was not too bad. Do you know which tribe it was who attacked you?”

 “No but it was just over the border from Khazdan. The thing is that it means that to catch up with Graf Silth, we will need a much bigger force, just to get through the Fimbrethine Forest!”

 “So what has happened to Graf Silth and our sister Griselda?”

 “Sire I know not. Perchance they have been massacred by these savages? My Lord I beseech you raise an army so we can fight our way through. Then at least an Princess Griselda be still alive, she can return in safety! ”

 “We deem it more wise to establish what has happened to them in the forest first. The Arch Druid Morguff son of Morgen hath contacts with the Ents. They who travel betwixt our Kingdom and Limura. He shall ask them for any news of our sister and Graf Silth. Then we can consider what attitude we should take against the tribe who did you wrong. Alas it is redeless to ask for weregeld from them. These tribes reckon little of gold! Go to the hospital and have a better splint than that made and get an easement for the pain.”

 Bishop Bhorin was frustrated at this response but knew that more argument would be fruitless. Granbold always took a long time to make a decsion!

                                                =                      =                      =          

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