Today we went into Edinburgh to the Warhammer Shop on the High Street and played out a game. Callum designed the scenario.

The Heroes have escaped from Goblin Town but Bilbo, unlike the book and film, has been captured and imprisoned. The Goblin King is leading the search for the Fellowhip and has taken most of the goblins with him. Half of the Fellowship is keeping the Goblin King searching while six return into Goblin Town to free Bilbo. These Heroes (Callum) are Gandalf, Thorin, Dwalin, Nori, Fili and Kili. The evil force (Grandad) was led by the Goblin Scribe, 6 goblins, the Goblin Captain and the drummer guarding Bilbo.

Goblin Town Jail

Terrain pieces include a few bits from Games Workshop. Mostly it was made by Callum and Grandad from some packing that came with kitchen appliances, a few barbecue skewers (from Poundland), a few cocktail sticks (from Poundland) and lots of coffee stirrers from a well known coffee shop that does not pay much in UK Taxes (free).

The Heroes enter down the rickety ladders.
Kili is providing covering fire and with his first two arrows kills the Goblin Captain!

The goblins guarding Bilbo.Image

The goblin drummer - as part of the scenario once the drummer saw the Heroes he could summon 2D6 reinforcements per turn until the 20 Goblins were used up. After that the Goblin Scribe could summon D3 goblins each time passed a courage test. This time the death of the Goblin Captain who was shot by Kili revealed the Heroes!

The Heroes split into 2 parties Thorin, Dwalin and Kili were to carry out the rescue while Gandalf, Nori and Fili were to create a diversion though this almost went wrong due to some high rolls bringing on lots of reserves and the battle began.

Gandalf creates his diversion. Several Sorcerous Blasts thin out the attackers but later they fail to hit the Goblin Scribe who sends in more goblins from the cave below.

After some hard fighting Thorin and his group make it to the jail. Dwalin is detailed off to hammer down the gate.

Goblins close in all round.

Only to die in droves

The diversion runs into trouble and in the ensuing battle Fili is killed (both wounds lost).

Bilbo escapes

We had a chat about how the game went:
Kili staying on the tower was a good idea because he could target the Goblin Captain and shoot him down in the first two turns.
Splitting the party into two also made the goblins split up and prevented them concentrating on just one party. Although putting all the best fighters in Thorin's party let them free Bilbo fairly easily once they got there it meant that Gandalf's party had a hard time and led to the loss of Fili.
Grandad was never able to concentrate on just one party as either could achieve the objective though it was obvious which was the greater threat.
Keeping Fili and Kili together might have been better so that their special ability of swopping places could have been used to keep Fili alive.


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