GOBLIN TOWN - Recover  our weapons and baggage


Continuing the adventures of Callum and the dwarves in Goblin Town.  Callum again designed the layout on a 2x2 foot tile supplied by the Warhammer shop in Edinburgh.  He also allocated the forces.

This time the dwarves are setting off to find the weapons stolen from them by the Goblin King. The weapons are locked away in a guarded cage in a remote part of Goblin Town.  The "goodies" start in the bottom left corner and the goblins are scattered throughout the game area.  The goblin scribe is in play and can summon reinforcements (d3 goblins) from the caves in any turn that he passes a courage test.

The first clash came as Thorin Oakenshield and Gandalf were attacked by several goblins who were trying to delay the party while the Goblin King called on his followers to

The Goblin King leads his followers into action.

The goblins close in ready for a fight.  The Scribe consistently fails to be courageous enough to summon reinforcements.  But the dwarves rush to tackle them in detail before they can mass.  Thorin carves his way heroically straight at the Goblin King while the others leap gaps or climb into action.

Thorin again responds heroically to the threat and cuts down the Goblin King whose Fate runs out (Grandad's poor dice throws).

More and more goblins swarm in to seek vengeance for their fallen king.  There are individual fights and though many goblins fall several dwarves are wounded.

The dwarves break through but the rear of the party is attacked and slowed down.

Thorin and Dwalin lead the way to the weapons and baggage.  They are great fighters (and Callum throws a lot of 6s)

The goblins are suffering badly now as the Heroes close in and Dwalin can be spared to batter down the cage door.

Dwalin batters his way in and recovers the weapons and baggage.

The Heroes, led by Thorin start to move off and the Scribe finally sends in a couple of reinforcements,


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