Squire's Quest to the Isle of Fey

The trophy earned at SKELP 2006 for the best participation game

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This is a playing module adapted from the Public Participation Game with which Bathgate Wargames Club won the ‘Skelp 2006’ Osprey Books silver cup for that category. The story-line is based on the Arthurian legends whilst the combat rules are from the Simple Abridged Morval Earth Fantasy Rules found elsewhere on this web site. The character statistics assume that squires at Camelot are much better trained than the denizens of a bleak island off the Caledonian coast. Remember characters can do double moves at the cost of a fatigue point and that there are two fighting rounds to each move. Ideally the game is designed for an umpire and four players but lesser numbers are possible and it can even be played solo with a Squire trying for maximum SP’s.

   The game can be played using the map supplied and counters but using figures at least for each Squires squad, will add to the colour of the action. D10 & D6 dice and a set of playing cards are needed for the encounters and treasures. The supplied photographs show scenes from the Public Participation Game.      

                                          *                      *                      *


King Arthur was sitting with his court at Camelot one fine day when a noble Lady came.

 “Your Majesty, I am Queen Fiona Regent of the Isles and I crave a boon?”

 “Of the Isles, that is King Takur’s realm!” whispered Sir Hector.

 “Takur the pirate!” snorted Sir Kay beside him.

 “And what of King Takur if you are now Regent Milady?” asked King Arthur

 “My husband is dead so the realm falls to our son Fechin, who hath but twelve years.”

 “We shall not grieve unduly over your husbands death for he plundered many good people. What is the boon that you crave Queen Fiona?”

 “It is to seek the crown my husband wore when he died on the Isle of Fey, for Fechin cannot be crowned without it. I deem that only the wizard Merlin or some of your noble knights have the powers to find it?”

 “Alack the damsel Nimue hath spirited Merlin away these three years. Noble knights we do have but how shall it profit our realm to risk their loss?”

 “An the glory be not a sufficient reward, the treasures of Hanigle lie on the Isle, the half of which you and your knights may keep.”

 “Hanigle! Hanigle the Warlock! Hanigle the henge robber! We had heard that Hanigle held both the scabbard of excaliber and the enchanted girdle of my sister Morgana. If we are to undertake your quest these we reserve to ourselves alone and the rest shall be shared?”

 “I will agree to those terms if the crown also be kept out of the reckoning?” returned Queen Fiona.

 “The dogs fought over the bone that the cat had already stolen!” whispered Sir Hector.

King Arthur nodded, “How did King Takur die and what perils may my knights face?”

Queen Fiona looked sad.

 “The Warlock Hanigle has long owned the Isle of Fey but died of his 473 years leaving no heirs. We knew he was dead as the purple mist surrounding his Isle had dispersed. His estate fell to the crown and my husband Takur went to claim his treasures. But a great whirlwind arose there and he, his ship and all his men were sucked up and lost. When this was reported to me I sent my brother Felmak to find the crown and claim the treasures for my son. Alas but an hour after he had landed, again a whirlwind arose and he with all his party were destroyed. Whether he had found the crown I know not. It seemeth that Hanigle set magical protections that must be set aside if the Isle is to become safe.”

 “A doughty task indeed Milady but we will accept on the terms mentioned. It remains to us to pick which of our knights shall essay this perilous quest.” Arthur’s eye fell upon Sir Mordred and Sir Lancelot but Queen Guinevere saw it and intervened.

“Nay my Lord King, we have yet enemies enough close at hand. Can we spare of our most true and trusted knights for these distant dangers? Surely it were better to let of our younger men to win their spurs?”

 “Her Majesty’s words hath merit Sire.” agreed Sir Kay. “Why not send some of the squires that ever aspire for a place at the round table. As it is they try ever to best our knights at the tourney.”

 “True enough!” growled Sir Tristram. “One can hardly stagger out from the infirmary door without some jackanapes seeking to force a quarrel on one!”

“I too agree!” said Sir Mordred, “I shall willingly supply such necessities as a squire may lack for this enterprise.”

King Arthur finding himself overwhelmed by these counsels decided, “Sir Kay you shall choose four squires of merit for this. Each shall have a full crewed lymphad to speed them over the seas to this Fey Isle.”

 “My husband might I also counsel the sending of a virtuous damsel with each squire. Firstly one of Hanigle’s treasures is a unicorn who will come with no man and second he held my cousin Lady Eglantine prisoner and she will need a lady in waiting if she is still there. Thirdly it may be that a squire be wounded in his task and need some care?”

 “Yes.” Concurred Sir Kay, “And let each squire have a groom to care for his destrier, on ship and island when he hath not the need for it?”

The King stood, “I so decree it. Guinevere you shall choose the damsels and assign them to such squires, as you think meet. Queen Fiona are you content?”

 “I am well content your Royal Highness. Long may our two realms co-exist in peace!”      

                                                *                      *                      *

 Squire’s menies

Each squire has a Lymphad with crew of seven, which can be represented by a ship shape cut from paper or card. This has the option of landing at one of the four jetties which will trigger the conch call alarm or risking getting stuck elsewhere. Ashore, the Squire is accompanied by a damsel, a destrier (horse) and a groom.

The Lymphad’s crew is a Captain, one seaman, four oarsmen and a lady in waiting to act as chaperone to the damsel. Apart from mooring and pushing off, the crew do not go ashore. The damsel and Groom do not fight unless attacked. The groom’s main duty is to care for the destrier when it is not being ridden and carry any weighty treasures gained..

Squire  Terror Resistance 2, Spell Resistance +1,
Officer, Foot Move 5” Mounted Move 8”, Fatigue 5/10, Dead –6, Crippled –5, Wounded –4, Agility –2, Obstacles 0.7
Foot Melee +3 –0 = +3 sword strike 0 Shield parries 7+ Strength 4
Mounted Melee +3 +2 –2 = +3, Lance 1st round bonus +2 Lance strike +1 Shield parries 7+ Strength 4
Destrier Beast,
Move 9”, Fatigue 6/12, Terror Resistance –1, Spell Resistance –2,
Dead -5, Crippled -4, Wounded –3, Agility –2, Obstacles 1.2, Melee –1 –0 = -1 strike –2 
 If a destrier is left unattended D6 3+ stays put, 2 wanders away D6 inches, 1 gallops off and is lost.
Damsel Terror Resistance –1, Spell Resistance +1,
 Independent, Move 5”,Dead –4, Crippled  –3, Wounded –2, Agility 0, Obstacles 1.0 Melee –2 –1 = -3 Dagger strike 0
First aid kit. 1st aid kit 10 bandages, 3 wound dressings, pot of burn salve.
Screams when failing or equalling Terror dicing.
Groom Terror Resistance 0, Spell Resistance 0,
Follower, Move 6”, Dead  –4, Crippled  –3, Wounded –2, Agility +2, Obstacles 1.4 Melee 0 –1 = -1 Dagger strike 0.
Carries two sacks, a tinderbox, some cord and a 6” grapnel rope.
He also has the duty of reporting to the ship if things go awry.
Squires Damsels Grooms Lymphad
Gilbert Ardentia Jehu St Melamia
Alard Clorinda Dirk St Crispina
Sagram Narcissa Totk St Fabiola
Nestor Rowena Hoppe St Pelagia
Squire’s Instructions
King Arthur has entrusted you and three other squires, with the mission of recovering such of the Wizard Hanigle’s treasures on the Isle of Fey as may be. Past attempts have been negated by magically induced whirlwinds, causing the deaths of those attempting to collect the treasures. It is thought that the whirlwind occurs a certain time after strangers have arrived on the Island. Thus your orders are to collect two treasures and depart in good time. Many treasures on the isle have their own guardian, who may in fact be their present owner, fled to Hanigle for protection. Hanigle’s tower may have other treasures but will be better guarded. One of those adventurers lost earlier, was King Takur of the Isles and it is thought that his crown lies still abandoned somewhere on the isle.

  Your four vessels must approach the isle simultaneously from four quarters but your landing sites are up to you. Apart from mooring and casting off operations the crew of the Lymphad, hired by his majesty, will stay aboard. They comprise the captain, one seaman, four oarsmen and the damsel’s chaperone/maid.

   Your damsel is ordered by Queen Guinevere, to treat any wounds you may incur and to chaperone the unicorn and any women you may rescue. Since she will be unencumbered by armour it is her duty to look for the lost crown as you proceed.

   Your Groom is responsible for the care of your destrier when you are not riding it and carries an axe, a grapnel rope and two sacks for carrying treasures. If a destrier is left unattended D6 3+ stays put, 2 wanders away D6 inches, 1 gallops off and is lost.


 Lymphad (Ship) movements

Movement 6” per move under oars for up to 5 moves, drops to 4” after that. Moving to land at a jetty, within 2” the Conch warning horn blares out! Moving to land elsewhere, apart from a sandy beach, (If you try to moor alongside a sand beach you will be automatically stuck!) no horn but dice D10 2- stuck 2” from shore. If stuck D10 each move 3+ to break free. Just 1” deducted from character moves for embarking or disembarking at jetty 3” if elsewhere. Lymphad’s must be off the playing area to escape the whirlwind’s effects.


Beware the Whirlwind!

On the arrival move the Squires have the option of landing at a jetty or on the shore elsewhere. Only one landing at a jetty is enough to trigger the one blare conch alarm signal, which initiates the whirlwind-creating spell. If no lymphad lands at a jetty the alarm is liable to be triggered by any encounter or guardian character marked #. The conches will blow the single blast the move after the character has shouted.

Moves are un-threatened for eight after the alarm conch has blown! On the ninth and subsequent moves a D6 dice must be thrown, 3+ OK but dice again next move, 2- the conches blow non-stop. This signals that the whirlwind is imminent!

Whirlwind move 1. Winds start blowing towards Hanigle’s tower from all sides.

Whirlwind move 2. D6 Saving dice needed deducting 1 if wounded,

Squire lost on 1-, Damsel on 3-, Groom on 2-, destrier on 1-.

Whirlwind move 2. D6 Saving dice needed deducting 1 if wounded,

Squire lost on 3-, Damsel on 5-, Groom on 4-, destrier on 3-, Lymphad on 2-!

Characters are safe inside Hanigle’s Tower or caves as are the denizens.

 The Crown of the Isles Dicing (King of Hearts) Worth 150 Silver Pennies

Each move that a damsel is available to search for the crown, in the treasure and other outer zones, throw two D6 dice. If a double 6 is thrown she has spotted it in an awkward high place. Only one character may climb for it per move,

dice D6 Groom +1, Damsel 0, Squire –1 = 4+ crown secured, 2+ slip try again next move, 1-  fall & hurt –1” to moves and –1 in melee. Note there is only one crown!

 Encounter Cards (Use a pack of normal playing cards)

Each time a player’s squad or single character enters a new empty zone an encounter card is drawn. Note that this excludes the jetties and the paved area around the tower.

The cards drawn are from the Ace to ten of the four suits with the encounter played as listed for each card from the separate file ‘Encounter Cards’

 Treasures and Their Guardians Cards (Court Cards from the pack)

These are the court cards of the four suits and each is detailed on the separate ‘Treasure Cards’ file. They comprise the Crown of the Isles, eight treasures guarded in specific zones on the map and plus to be found in Hanigle’s defended tower.  

 Card abbreviationsu

Mo = Move in inches, Fa = Fatigue 1st figure moves fighting or double moving until tired/ second figure moves likewise until collapse. Tiredness deduct 2 from melee and one inch from movement. TI n = Terror infliction value, TR = Terror Resistance value, SR = Spell Resistance value, D = Dead on value, C = Crippled on value, W = Wounded on value. Me = Melee value. st = (weapon) strike value. St = shield strength before U/S.


TI = Terror Resistance Rules: Characters may have to Dice (D10) for Natural Terror adding their TR values. Monsters and wild animals are given Terror Infliction Values, tested only once when within 6" of a figure.{D10 + TR – TI of monster}

Results 0+ Unaffected. -1 Demoralised -2 melee & Missile hits Damsels Scream!

-2 Terrified DS can only dodge, steed's quarter moves. -3 Paralysed, DS stand helpless a move. -4 Prostrate falls to ground, steeds stampede. -5- Faint, steeds stampede. If Fainted D10 each move 8+ to improve to Dazed (-4 in melee) next move to Demoralised.


At the end of the quest tot up the SP values and King Arthur will give the winner his spurs and the Manor of Midsomer Vale. Deductions from score are Squire wounded –20, Damsel lost –50, Damsel wounded –25, Groom lost –20, Groom wounded –10, Destrier lost –50, Destrier wounded –25 Silver Pennies/Status Points.


Whereas this Squire hath nobly undertaken our Quest with great success we appoint him a Knight of Our Round table and the holding

and fees of the Manor of Midsomer Vale.

Artorius Rex

The others to be awarded such of the below as appropriate:

Whereas this Squire hath bravely undertaken our Quest with some  success we appoint him a Knight of Our Round table of Camelot.

Artorius Rex

Whereas this Squire hath undertaken our Quest but suffered mainly

misfortune, we consider him to still be fit to attend our court at Camelot. 

Artorius Rex    

Whereas this Squire hath acted dishonourably on his mission and besmirched the fair name of Camelot, he is Henceforth proscribed from attending our court!

Artorius Rex

Whereas this Squire Hath fallen to the Might of Hanigle bravely, we Dedicate a menhir to His  memory in the stone lines Of the Isles.

Hanigle wizard’s Coven

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