All of the players get the same briefing:

It is early on Christmas Eve just after midnight, in fact, when the Guardian of Galifrey appears and wakes you up.    “Get up, we need you to carry out a special mission.”

Only half awake you mumble “What mission?”  Suddenly you are wide awake.

 The Guardian continues as if he has not heard you, “The Ancient Evil has resurfaced.  Frij Friezah has reappeared on the planet Offiecauld.  She has captured your old colleague Zintakloz.  The nice chap that the humans call Father Christmas or Santa Claus or whatever their primitive brains decide.   Anyway Father Christmas is gone from Earth along with his daughter Mayrikrizmuzz or Mary Christmas. “  You were about to say something but …  “Before you interrupt me, This is important as his activities on one night a year distract the humans from realising that their planet needs its temporal and special placement adjusted.  Good old Zintakloz does this every year on Christmas Eve.  The gift he really brings is not a toy to every good girl and boy but the survival of the planet.  Honestly, we should have placed a Temporal Velocity and Spatial Displacement Corrector here ages ago but he was doing such a good job, such a good job.  Anyway, there are two dangers, firstly Earth will move off its path through time and space and become a rogue planet upsetting the whole space-time continuum.  Secondly, Zintakloz’ TARDIS, or sleigh as the humans call it, has been stolen.  We … actually YOU must recover the sleigh and Zintakloz before midnight tonight.  You will be transported there immediately with 4 companions.  Oh, we are also sending two other Time Lords as well.  No matter what your personal motivation might be you must rescue Zintakloz, or we leave all three of you on Offiecauld.  It is most important that the Sleigh Temporal Velocity Synchroniser does not stay in Frij Frieza’s  hands or, worse, get built in to her TARDIS.  By the way, the time ring that I put on your left wrist is your only way back.  Do not lose it.  That is all.”  Before you can say anything he is gone.

Was it a dream?  No you are standing fully dressed in a twilight world surrounded by a bleak boggy landscape with scattered rocky outcrops and patches of scraggy bushes.  Beside you are 4 bewildered companions,  Mist shrouds the lower ground and in the distance something unearthly howls…

And so it was that The Doctor, The Rani and The Master all arrived simultaneously on the Planer Officauld.  At slightly different points - the Guardian did not trust the players that much!

All of the players set off for the central building that could just be made out from their vantage points.  Once they were down in the low ground the visibility reduced a lot.

The Doctor is accompanied by Sarah-Jane Smith, Sergeant Chris Mastrie, and Privates Karl Singer and Frosty Pathe of UNIT.  The Rani has Cyrian and Sergeant Harold Angel and Privates Cran Berry and Russel Sprout who are Mercenaries.  The Master is accompanied by Heilige Nacht and Sergeant Mal Chior and Privates Bal Thazar and Gazza Spar of Galactic Security.

The Master immediately ran into trouble.  The ice in the ponds cracked and four Eizivingers scrambled to the attack.  In a short fire fight the three security men shot them down and the survivors slithered back into their ponds. 

The Doctor fared worse.  He had sent a scout ahead and he was ambushed by Snawmehn.  Despite a brave and desperate hand to hand battle the valiant Frosty Pathe was downed and severly wounded but not before he has shot and bayoneted one of his assailants to death.  

The Rani also found trouble.  Her luck held as her party was ambushed by Eizivingers and Swamp Hackers, deadly carnivorous plants.  Any retreat was cut off by the Marjick Mushrooms and their poisonous spore casting.

After surviving another attack by Eizivingers he encountered Groonzantah, the brother of the kidnapped Zintakloz.  Although a Time Lord himself he has no compunction about using weapons.  Knowing full well what the Master is like but realising that he stood a better chance of rescuing his brother, he joined the party.  He patted the launcher, Yoologge, and 4 rockets and was ready to use them but he would keep the last rocket for Frij Friezah. 

 Out of the mist came the sound of chanting.  The Time Lords realised that time was short and the Ancient Evil was being summoned.

Rushing headlong the Doctor and the Rani arrived at the same time.  From out of the gloom the Yehrtih attached from the front and flanks as more Eizivingers swarmed out of the frozen ponds.  Calamity!  The Doctor was laid low by a heavy blow from a Yehrtih.  At the rear of the shrine the Rani's party lost Russel Sprout to a combined assault by Yehrtih and Swamp Hackers.

The Master was delayed by a well laid ambush of Eizivingers and Snawmehn.  But things were going badly now. 

Sarah-Jane and the surviving UNIT troops retreated from the Doctor's body under pressure from the Yehrtih and the Eizivingers.  They made their stand at the body of Russell Sprout.  The Rani fared little better and was just able to hold her own long enough to despatch the last of the attackers.  But what was that faint glow surrounding the Doctor?  Was he regenerating?

The Master and his party drove off their assailants but lost Gazza Spar in the hand to hand fight.

Frij Friezah completed her ritual as a second wave of Snawmehn attacked the Rani and Sarah-Jane and Sergeant Chris Mastrie returned to recover The Doctor's body.  Out of the shrine appeared a horrible demonic figure.  The idol had transformed into a living and ancient creature.  Meanwhile Cyrian worked on the felled Russell Sprout brining him back to life though he was still badly injured.

Much to Sarah-Jane's surprise The Doctor coughed and slowly stood up.   The others attacked the huge evil creature that Frij Friezah had become.  But their strength just was not enough.

Realising all was lost unless he did something drastic Groonzantah loaded and fired his last rocket.  It flew true.  The impact shattered the beast's carapace and exploded inside killing it instantly.

The Rani rushed into the shrine and found a rather bedraggled and slightly injured Zintakloz.  As she did this Sarah-Jane heard someone calling from a cave and there she and the brave Sergeant found Zintakloz's TARDIS (sleigh) and his daughter Mayrikrizmuzz.  The Master, chuckled and reaching into the pit under the shrine, removed a strange box.  Although it was black it seemed to glow.  He slipped it into his pocket and touched his Time Ring.  A groaning and whining filled the air as the Time Lords and Ladies faded away.  The Christmas Family was reunited:

Zintakloz Mayrikrizmuzz Groonzantah Muttahkloz

A strange glow enveloped the fallen Ancient creature and a regenerated Frij Friezah appeared.  She looked into the pond and smiled.  She was pleased with her new form.

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