General view of the game. Concerned pilots watch the Giant Hand move dinosaurs. Red and White balloon attacked by a pterodactyl and a Brimstonite. The pilot consults his card and Brian gets ready to set up yhe incident.
View from the volcano home of the Brimstonites. A balloon in trouble - triceratops, pterodactyls all close in. Brian explains what is happening. Disater!  The balloon crashes and raptors attack.
Another balloon crashes surrounded by dead pterodactyls and raptors.  The Tyrannosaurus chases the crew back to the balloon. Pterodactyl and a Brimstonite attack a balloon. Trophies being collected as the pterodactyls swoop to the attack.
The pilots look on as dinosaurs close in. Balloons come in to the rescue. Dad's Team.  Dad leads the family rescue mission. The Tyrannosaurus attacks slaughtering everything in its path.
Agile dinosaurs hurl themselves at the balloon. Champion pilot with trophy. Champion pilot with trophy. Champion pilot with trophy.

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