The Eternal Christmas War

The Neutral Fairy Tale forces

Both armies recruit from the land of Fairy Tales and Mythology. 

One of Santa's supporters is Snow White and her Seven Dwarves.  She is an old Citadel figure and the dwarves are very old figures and I've forgotten which make they are - Warrior or Irregular maybe?

The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Troll.  The Billy Goats are from Crocodile games Aegyptus range (yes I know that they have ram's heads but I had them in the lead mountain).  The Ugly Troll (I'm a Troll fol-di-rol) is an old Asgard model with a bit of twig as a club.

Here is Goldilocks and her three bears.  (Goldielocks was a freebie with a magazine and the bears are from Wargames Foundry)

Red Riding Hood (by Hasslefree Miniatures) is perfectly capable of sorting out the Big Bad wolves (Plastic Doctor Who figures)

Human Militia can be found on both sides.  (Old MiniFigs Valley of the Four Winds fantasy range)

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