The Eternal Christmas War

This project was started so that we could have something a bit different for our traditional fun Last Game before Christmas.

As everyone knows Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas or whichever name he is using lives at the North Pole.  There are, again as everyone knows, several different North Poles - True North, Grid North, Magnetic North and Santa's North Pole.  While the first three can be found by the use of science the last can only be found by the use of magic and belief. 

My setting is firmly in the magical realm with just a little bit of reality where necessary.  It centres on Santa Claus (I'll use this name as it is the one favoured by our grandchildren)  and his home and workshop.  There will be elements "borrowed" from the magical realm of Fairy Tales and a bit from mythology.  And, yes, there might even be some fictional and real history in here too!


The Christmas War has been going on longer than anyone can remember.  It was not always called the Christmas War but nobody can remember what it was called in the past.  Until this century it seldom strayed into the "real world" of human kind.  It is the eternal war between good (Santa) and evil (Jack Frost).  Jack Frost, is not his real name but it is the one that he is best known by.

Santa Claus, his family, followers and helpers strive every year to bring warmth, joy, happiness and peace.  On the other hand Jack Frost is determined to spread cold, sadness, discord and conflict.  Both command their own forces supported by followers and allies in a conflict that has spanned the millennia.


My original intention was that this would be a low cost game using figures I already had or could get very cheaply.  So I searched my "lead mountain" and found more figures than I realised that I had.  Then I had a look in the sales just after Christmas and got some useful bargains there.  Publishing work in progress bulletins on the web brought ideas and a huge gift of very useful figures and a building (thanks a lot Bezzo). 

The results will be shown in the Good and Evil Armies sections.  In these you will find wargame figures from historical, fantasy, pulp and scifi ranges rubbing shoulders with toys, Christmas decorations and odd bits and pieces.  Some have been used as they are, some have been altered, some renamed and some have been converted.

I have had and still a having a lot of fun putting this together and making up the stories to go with them.

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