The Eternal Christmas War

The Warm Forces of Santa Claus

The central command structure is, naturally, the Claus Family.  From the right (Ladies First) Mrs Claus, Star Claus, Mary Christmas, Santa Claus and Green Claus

Miniatures by Copplestone castings, Citadel, Wargames Foundry and someone else (Mrs Claus)

The work force is traditionally elves:

Couriers and messengers - these are, I think, (very) old MiniFigs and may even be from a 15mm range.

Here we see Zorter Nottyundnize who keeps the record of all the naughty and nice boys and girls.  Beside him is Puppi Furlife the guard dog handler and his dogs Sage and Stuffing. (Games Workshop Hobbits)

The Elf Militia is made up of lots of Games Workshop Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings and old Wahammer ranges.

Security is provided by the three Krizmuz brothers - Krizmuz Bohniz, Krizmuz Khard and Krizmuz Ohliday.  (Games Workshop Dwarves)

Santa's militia.  Each year Santa trains more helpers to work in the shops and stores, to visit parties, schools and hospitals.  The helpers return to the North Pole when it is danger to defend it from the forces of evil.

The Santa Grenadiers. After a few years in the militia the very best are selected to join the Grenadiers. "Company will Arm Presents .... ARM .... PRESENTS ... Prepare to throw ... At 30 yards .... THROW!" 

The family retainers and workshop technicians may ne called upon in time of need.

Santa allows school parties to visit. 

My son gave me some figures for Christmas 2013 and I decided to paint them up as a school party from St Intoxicato's School. If anyone has a better name for the school I'm open to suggestions.

The school selected a group of girls and staff to go on a long cultural exchange. "The longer the better," murmured Miss Terchance the spinster Head Mistress as she waved off the most troublesome staff and pupils. 

The staff:
Bella Donna the Deputy Head Teacher
Dee Stalker the biology teacher
Carrie Oakey the singing teacher
Rhonda Blokkenbak the gym mistress 
Linda Hand the helpful mini-bus driver 

The Upper School
Marsha Larts; Gladys Boise; Barbie Dohll; Helen Highwater; Mary Chase; Rita Booke

The Lower School
Constance Waring, Iva Webley, Lotta Noize, Katie Pult

Sometimes other supporters take part in the defence of Santa's workshop.

Scooby Doo and his colleagues are from Hasslefree minuatures.

The Mystery Machine is Russian van from Poundland repainted

And the crew

And the crew armed and dangerous

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