The Eternal Christmas War

The Icy Army of Jack Frost

Jack Frost's main ally is the Frost Princess and her goblin thief (with stolen Teddy Bear).  I'm not sure who made these figures that were picked up at second hand at a show.

Her forces include the Frost Goblins which are some old Ral Partha or RAFM goblins. 

Arctic Annie and her Polar Orcs form the main strike force of the Frost Princess' army (various manufacturers)

Jack Frost has a considerable horde of magically constructed snowmen.

Frigid Frosty and Freezers.  Music plays a significant part in warfare and Jack Frost understands this.  He has formed a band to combat the musical advantage posed by Santa's forces' carol singers.

Jack Frost has raised (rolled up?) the most cold hearted of the snowmen to form the elite Glacial Grenadiers.

These little chaps are just cannon fodder, they are poorly armed - in fact they have no arms.  (The human is there just to show size.) 

Of course every evil army needs a witch and here she is - complete with her ruby slippers.

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