The Balloons

The balloons were found at a car boot sale.  They came from the McDonald's Happy Meal toys. 

These ones were from the "My Little Pony" series of a few years ago.  They sometimes appear on e-bay and a search for "McDonalds Balloon" usually finds them. 

The original looks like this.

All you need to do is to remove the pony - it falls out!  Then carve off the flowers on the side.  This is a relatively simple task with a sharp Stanley knife.  Be careful though, it is easy to carve right through and leave a hole. 

Once the flowers are removed fill the screw holes with Milliput or other filler and glue the door closed (if you like).  You will probably need to fill the odd hole where the carving went right through!

It is possible to scrape off the various logos and writing as well but they are small and disctrete.

I then washed mine in warm soapy water and let them dry overnight. 

A spray of white undercoat and a simple paint job completed the models.

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